Friday, December 30, 2016

George Michael, Carrie Fisher, And "Voodoo Death"

We've lost so many celebrities this year that it appears that the Grim Reaper is either getting paid commission or has drunk far too many red bulls. I thought I would share a couple of things. First, I had a premonition that George Michael was going to die. I mentioned it too my friend. I will admit that I never actually said "I believe he is going to die soon". In reality, I talked about my concerns over his health and felt that he was in danger. I'm not a George Michael fan, don't own any of his albums, but did enjoy some of his songs back in the 1980s. This belief that I felt he was in danger just popped into my head while I was waking up one morning shortly after Thanksgiving. I then entertained it every now and then, including the week he died. This would not be the only interesting psychic experience I've had concerning a celebrity.

So literally right before waking this morning I had an interesting dream about Carrie Fisher. Keep in mind that I'm not a fan of Star Wars and have no strong feelings or opinion for or against Carrie Fisher. I really haven't thought much about her over the years.

In the dream I assume I was some sort of reporter. The scene appeared to be a red carpet event. I was behind a small fence and Carrie Fisher was on the other side. I saw her from a short distance and she smiled at me. I asked her if she had anything to say to her fans. She beamed a huge smile and said "Forgive your fellow man. I know I have." Then she touched my shoulder and said that "they" are waiving to her, indicating she had to leave. That was the end of the dream. It's good advice, whether it came from her spirit or from my unconscious.

Debbie Reynold's death came to me by surprise. I got an alert on my iPhone that Debbie was rushed to the emergency room at about 1pm for trough breathing. I immediately thought that this was a psychosomatic anxiety attack brought on by the emotional turmoil of losing Carrie. I was wrong. This was not an anxiety attack. This was an actual stroke.

I personally feel that Debbie Reynolds died from the emotional shock of Carrie's death. I know there are some people out there who claim that you can't die from a "broken heart" but in reality you can. It's similar to what is called "Voodoo Death", where a sudden shock can cause heart and blood issues that may result in death.

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