Monday, December 19, 2016

Haunted Pillar In Georgia Demolished

The infamous "Haunted Pillar" of Augusta, GA, is no more. A driver lost control of their vehicle and crashed into it and destroyed it on December 17.

The Haunted Pillar was erected as part of the downtown market in 1829. According to local legend, shortly thereafter a black preacher attempted to give a public sermon but was ordered to leave the premise by police. The preacher then placed his hands on the pillar and cursed the market and the pillar. It wasn't long before a tornado destroyed the market leaving only the pillar that the preacher touched. It is said that anyone who attempted to destroy the pillar would be struck by lightening and killed. It was also believed that anyone who touched the pillar would have bad luck. Threats of bad luck never seemed to scare off the tourists. They loved it and locals just rolled their eyes each time they caught a glimpse of a tourist hugging the pillar.

In reality, this is the third time that a car crash has destroyed the pillar. The city just kept rebuilding it and will probably rebuild it again.

Note: Back in the 1800s many black preachers were also hoodoo men on the side. So it may be that this is what was implied with the preacher's curse on the pillar.

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  1. Doc,

    Where did you get the information on the superstitious belief about getting "bad luck" when touching this haunted pillar?