Saturday, December 3, 2016

Spiritual Middens and Spiritual Caches

In my past few blog entries I have written about using various items as spiritual decoys/dummies and/or spirit traps. This next blog is a continuation of such topic.

Archaeologists use the terms "Spiritual Midden", "Spiritual Cache", or just "Cache" to refer to the finding of concealed items within old structures. The word "midden" means trash or garbage, items of little to no worth, and that is exactly what they are. When one thinks of finding a hidden horde one immediately envisions gold, silver, money, jewelry, bank bonds, coins, or other valuables. So imagine the surprise of archaeologists to discover vast collections of rubbish that were purposefully hidden by their owners for a reason that they at first could not fathom. Many spiritual middens were simply thrown away or destroyed long before their true purpose was made known.

Technically, a spiritual midden can contain literally anything. However, the most often finds in a spiritual midden are clothing. The clothing is used as a spiritual decoy/dummy to draw the spiritual attack so that it takes the hit and the person whom the clothing belonged to is spared. Here are some things to keep in mind if you would like to use clothing as a spiritual decoy/dummy.

1. The clothing must be old. New clothes won't work.

2. The clothing should be soiled or unwashed, so that it retains the essence of the person.

3. If the garment normally comes in pairs, such as socks, gloves, etc., usually only one of the pair is used. This is similar to the practice of using shoes as a spiritual decoy/dummy.

4. If a garment is found by itself, which is rare, then it's just the use of a garment as a spiritual decoy/dummy. If a garment is found in conjunction with another item or items then it is labeled a spiritual midden. The size of a spiritual midden can vary from anything from two items to 500 items, in the largest spiritual midden found to date.

5. The clothing is not fixed when employed. Therefore there is nothing in it to "cut or kill" the evil.

6. The clothing does not operate as a spiritual trap. Instead, it's just a decoy.

7. Clothing or garments are employed by concealing them in the same places as other spiritual decoys/dummies. The fireplace, mantle, doorways, windows, in walls, foundations, etc.

8. If you should stumble upon a spiritual midden on an old property you can notify your local university or museum. Or you can chose to add to continue the practice by adding one of your own garments to the midden.

9. As with other spiritual decoys/dummies, secrecy is key to it's successfulness. Never tell another person that you have created a spiritual midden or where the midden is located.

Other than clothing, shoes, which I blogged upon in a separate bog entry, as perhaps the second most frequently found item in a spiritual midden. Rarer items would include anything from coins to paper documents and children's toys.

Personally, I'm not a fan of using clothing or garments as a spiritual decoy/dummy, simply because they aren't fixed and they don't act to trap the spirit or evil. Sure, one can fix them up so that they would act to cut or kill the evil but such wouldn't be a traditional use. I admit they may act as a temporary diversion for evil. However, I would think that an intelligent spirit would quickly be able to see through the ruse. To each their own.

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