Saturday, December 10, 2016

Super Mom? Sex Trafficking? REALLY?

You know, ever since I heard about this whole Sherri Papini case I was troubled. Nothing made sense. I was hoping that the police were just holding their cards close to their chest while they did a thorough investigation. However, now I think it's far worse.

Sherri Papini was allegedly abducted by 2 Hispanic women for no apparent reason while jogging. They allegedly spoke mostly Spanish and conveniently had their faces covered for almost all of the 3 weeks for which Sherri was missing. Then on Thanksgiving they just decided to let her go.

Almost all of the details about the case are coming from the husband. The police are not releasing anything and they've indicated they are not happy that the husband has given so many media interviews.

Sherri has been described as a "Super Mom" over and over again. I'm not sure what the definition of a super-mom is. I mean, if a woman was single-handedly raising a litter of 12 while juggling a career and meaningful relationship, while managing to give back to the community in her spare time, then I would agree that would make her a super-duper-mom. However, it appears that Sherri took her two kids to daycare in the morning and then just did what she pleased with her day. Not quite sure that deserves an award.

Sherri Papini is routinely described as a "young mother". She's 34 years old. I also don't think that a woman in her 30s meets the criteria to be described as a young mother.

So Sherri is currently in hiding and is not doing any interviews. Her husband is speaking out for her. In fact, pretty much everything we've been told comes directly from him.

He told the public that she was severely injured and practically at death's door, weighing only 87 lbs because her abductors had starved her. Yet, he failed to mention that she was in and out of the hospital in just a few hours. She did not even spend one night in the hospital. Again, we've been told things that don't quite meet the definition. I don't think a woman who is in and out of the hospital meets the definition of being either severely injured or at death's door.

He told us that Sherri had all her hair chopped off and that she was branded with a "message", whatever that means, in an attempt to destroy her beauty. Yeah, right. Again, the problem is the definition. Maybe I'm crazy but when someone tells me that a person has had all her hair chopped off I'm thinking she doesn't have any hair and probably looks really rough. However, the people who called 911 reported seeing her along the highway and said there was a white woman with long blonde hair walking around that appears to be having a medical emergency. So having long blonde hair doesn't quite meet the definition of having all your hair chopped off. Then again, Sherri's convenient absence prevents the public from deciding on if she appears to be injured or had her hair chopped off.

If we take a look at her past then we find some troubling information. There was an online post made in 2003 on a white supremacy message board by someone who was using Sherri's first name and her maiden name as well as being from her home town. In the post this person made racist and violent accusations against Latinos. Then it was discovered that Sherri had a Pinterest page where she allegedly revealed her interests as a gun enthusiast and as a survivalist. Why is this important? Because she is accusing two Hispanic women of abducting and torturing her. Is it just coincidence that someone from her home town had her same name and was talking crap about Latinos?

People close to the family are now saying that the motivation may have been sex trafficking. That's why I lost it. Sex trafficking does indeed take place. There are women who are abducted and forced into prostitution. However, this does not happen in the U.S. The kind of sex trafficking that happens in the U.S. involves young women who are already prostitutes and drug users. Abductors aren't going to target 30 something year old mothers for sex trafficking. They want young girls, teens to early 20s. They definitely would not beat and torture them, chopping off all their hair, and fucking up their face as that would ruin their value.

I think that sometimes I give the authorities too much credit. This may be one of those instances. Because the authorities have now stated that they have no reason to doubt Sherri Papini's claims. Really? No reason to doubt. Hmm. Okay. Maybe I'm just jaded due to all the other similar cases of white women who make up stories and blame it on minorities. Maybe it's just because I don't relate to their Barbie and Ken/perfect family photos. Maybe it's just jealousy over their privileged life. Then again, maybe the police are idiots and have given special treatment to a white woman. Sorry, but I just can't shake the feeling that had Sherri been black that this case would have been wrapped up on the same day she was found, with the authorities calling it a hoax and her being publicly shamed and then having charges pressed against her.

FYI: The Papinis have made a killing off of their Go-Fund-Me account. We know for a fact that they have raised $50k. However, it's been reported that they have now raised over $100k.

Watch the 20/20 interview with the husband and come to your own conclusion of what happened. As for me, I think the reason why Sherri hasn't done any interviews is because the public would know she was not severely injured and did not have her hair chopped off like her husband claimed. So they will give it a few months or so and then do their interviews saying she has now "healed" and was ready to tell her story.

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