Sunday, December 18, 2016

Vintage Lucky Rabbit's Foot

This is my latest acquisition. It's a lucky rabbit's foot dating from the late 1930s. The metal part at the top reads "Good Luck The Wilken Family Inc. Aladdin-Schenley P.O. PA". The Wilken Family was a brand of whisky produced by Schenley distillation from 1935-1964. The lucky rabbit's foot is likely to have been an advertisement piece or used as a gift with purchase.

Probably the most curios aspect of this piece, other than it's age, is it's size. The actual rabbit's foot is only a little over an inch in length. It appears to have been taken from a kit (baby rabbit), which is sad. It's strange to think that this poor bunny died almost 50 years before I was born. Due to it's size this piece would be perfect for inclusion in a mojo bag.


  1. This is a very awesome find, very nice foot. Be Blessed ...

  2. I have one of these rare good luck pieces too.