Monday, March 21, 2016

The History Of The Snake Ring In Hoodoo, The Occult And Popular Culture

The above snake ring is my personal "conjure ring" and is fashioned out of sterling silver and has genuine, as in made-by-nature, rubies for eyes. The ring is in the form of an Ouroboros, a snake eating it's own tail, a symbol of eternity and the cyclical nature of reality.

Snake rings, rings fashioned in the image of a serpent, are among some of the oldest rings worn by humans. The symbolism and style of snake rings has evolved with time. For the ancients, the snake was a symbol of fertility, healing and protection. The ancients believed that snakes were immortal and that they became young again after shedding their skin. It was also believed that the "kiss" or lick of a snake could heal wounds. Images of snakes ready to strike were used as apotropaic charms to ward off evil.  

By the latter Renaissance it became the trend for people, especially women, to wear snake jewelry to indicate mourning. Thus, the snake as symbol of life had been transformed into a symbol of death. It was very common for widows to wear snake jewelry the rest of their life in honor of their lost spouse. By the 1700s the symbolism of the snake would transform again. This time the snake's fertility symbolism was emphasized and the serpent was viewed as symbolic of love. This belief would reach a peak of popularity in the Victorian age where even Queen Victoria herself wore a gold snake ring with emerald eyes. It was her engagement ring from her beloved Albert and she was said to frequently comment that it symbolized their love. During this time the most popular form of snake ring was the Ouroboros, the snake biting it's own tail, which was said to symbolize the eternal nature of true love.

Fast forward to the early 20th century, specifically on or before the 1920s and the symbolism of the snake ring would evolve yet again. This time snake rings, as well as snake jewelry, became popular with women who viewed it as a symbolism of exoticism and freedom. The preferred imagery of the snake ring had changed to a non-Ouroboros type, with a serpent having one or more heads often set with precious or semi-precious stones. The preferred stones were almost always red in color and usually were rubies or garnets. However, diamonds and emeralds were a close second. Those who could not afford stones often had snake rings with colored glass eyes.

It was at this time that various occultists began promoting snake rings as talismans or symbols of occult powers. The most famous occultist to champion the snake ring would be L. W. de Laurence who wrote about it's alleged and mostly self-invented magical lore in his, "The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic and East Indian Occultism, and the Book of Secret Hindu, Ceremonial and Talismanic Magic" (1915). L. W. de Laurence sold three-headed snake rings, the fashion of the time, with or without precious stones, ranging in price from $15 to $100 each. You can read the advert at the link below.

Keep in mind that though de Laurence billed these rings as possessing magical powers, two and three-headed snake rings had already become quite popular. One can still find examples from this time period for sale. There was a vintage three-headed snake ring, the exact same type as sold by de Laurence, listed on Etsy for quite some time. It recently sold or else I would have provided the link.

Although L.W. de Laurence was among the first occultist in modern times to promote snake rings for their alleged occult powers, he wasn't the first modern occultist to employ one.  One of the first persons to have employed a snake ring possessing alleged magical powers was "The Black Constable", a.k.a. John Domingo. Domingo was said to have been the most powerful hoodoo man and necromancer in South Carolina in the 1880s. He possessed a silver snake ring that he claimed was made in the Congo and which possessed the power of commanding spirits. Upon his death the ring was lost and it's whereabouts remain a mystery.

It was John Domingo that inspired me to purchase my own snake ring. I chose sterling silver due to it's protective qualities and genuine, natural rubies vs. rubies made in a lab, as red is the color of power, will and manifestation. I chose the Ouroboros form, not as a symbol of true love, but rather due to it's older symbolism of eternity and the cyclical nature of existence. I have enchanted the ring for a specific purpose, which will remain secret.

If any of my readers are interested in purchasing their own snake rings there are many options to choose from. You can purchase a pre-made one or a vintage one. You can even have someone create a custom design. Rubies and garnets are the traditional stones for the eyes. However, you can choose whatever stones appeal to you. There's a snake ring for every budget so don't let prices discourage you. After receiving your ring you too can enchant it for whatever purpose you like.

A bit of trivia, in the 2015 movie, The Skeleton Key, the three-headed snake ring worn by the character of "Papa Justify" was inspired by the snake rings sold by L.W. de Laurence. It was used at the suggestion of Cat Yronwode.

Blake's Banishing Work

This is Blake (fake name for anonymity). Blake hired me because he had an enemy at his work that was trying to get him fired. This is what he has to say about it.

Sent: Friday, March 18, 2016 at 6:13 PM
From: xxx
Subject: Doc you scary! 

I knew that I made the right choice in hiring Doc. I needed someone willing to do some hardcore shit on a real POS at my job. This asshole has been up in my business from almost day one and constantly snitches on me. 

I knew that it was either going to be him or me so I contacted Doc and let him take care of it. Sure enough not even six weeks later he gets fired. Seems he called in one too many times and he was crying! He didn't know that one more sick day would put him over his limit and I find that ironic as Doc mentioned that he was going to throw in some confusion work as well to mess with his mind. I guess it worked. Highly recommend Doc when you need tough shit done to people. 

I don't want people to judge me or anything but it really is a situation where it was either him or me.

Doc Ima holler at you later if need the other work I asked you about. 

Julie's Reading

This is Julie (fake name for anonymity). Julie had a reading with me a couple of days ago and this is what she has to say.

Sent: Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 11:39 PM
From: xxx
Subject: My reading

I had an email reading with doc on Friday and he was really good. He picked up on the real reason I wanted the reading. My mom recently underwent treatment for cancer and its now in remission. I didn't even tell him any of that. All I did was ask him about her health and he just started saying that he sensed she had cancer but that it was currently in remission. I was really shocked he picked up on it. He also told me things I suspected about my boyfriend and gave me hope with my current job. I'm also considering hiring him for money work in the near future. Thank you again doc.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thank You, St. Anthony!

So I bought a ring the other day and the very next day I lost it. My fingers tend to swell and shrink over the course of the day and so when my fingers were in a shrunken phase the ring had slipped off. So after spending hours searching for it I finally gave up for the night and before I went to bed I headed over to my altar and asked St. Anthony if he could retrieve it for me. I didn't even say the little prayer or rhyme that most people say when petitioning him. I just asked him nicely. So the very next day I go to do laundry and open up the washer and see something weird at the bottom. I actually thought it was a nut or part of something that had broken off of the machine. I picked it up and it turned out to be my ring. I still have no idea how it got in there.

Thank you, St. Anthony for coming through for me. You will be rewarded!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Feel The Bern For Her

Kate McKinnon's impersonation of Hilary Clinton always cracks me up. In this spoof campaign ad, McKinnon makes fun of Hilary Clinton's recent impersonation of Bernie Sanders, more specifically her claim to be progressive and to stand for what he stands for. In reality this is of course just pandering to Bernie Sanders' supporters. The reality is that Hilary will likely get the Democratic nomination. However, she may not be able to win the election if she can not sway Sanders' supporters. There was a recent poll where almost 40% of Sanders' supporters said they would not vote for Hilary if she gets the nomination. So only time will tell if she can pull off a win.

Below are two of my other favorite of McKinnon's impersonations of Hilary Clinton.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Somebody Done Hoodooed Ted Cruz!

Someone tried to hoodoo Ted Cruz! -Maybe.

A mysterious letter containing white powder was sent to Cruz' Houston headquarters. A hazmat team was called out to investigate and they ruled that the material was non-toxic. How much you wanna bet this was a hoodoo powder?

Believe it or not, this sort of thing happens all the time. Back after 9/11 there were anthrax scares where letters with anthrax powder were sent to various officials. There were other cases where a mysterious powder found sprinkled on a letter was later ruled to be talcum-based. Some of these letters were mailed to judges or other officials. In some cases a mysterious powder was found at a court house and it set off panic about it possibly being anthrax as well. At the time I immediately suspected that these were letters that were dressed with hoodoo powders to try influence the judge or official so that they would favor or side with the individual sending these dressed letters. I also believed these cases where powder was found at courthouses to have been laid down by practitioners who also sought to influence the outcomes of their own cases, the cases of loved ones, or the cases of the clients for which they were hired to do work on.

I would really like to know what type of powder was included in the letter. My guess is that it would be an enemy work powder designed to make him quit the race or cross him up so that he would lose, but anything is possible.

True Life: I'm A Witch

I saw this crap the other night. I will say this. I am being lenient with them because they are young. Young people do stupid shit. They embrace silly mental attitudes and concepts and have a very naive understanding of the world. They also tend to live in la-la land and escape into fantasy worlds as a means of coping with the stresses of growing up. At the same time young people have the freedom to do whatever they want with their life and use whatever label they deem necessary for whatever stage of life they are in. They can define themselves however they so chose. However, and a big however at that, this was the most horrible occult-themed "real-life" episode of a series I've seen on t.v. It was terrible.

The episode centers on a straight, white, young woman who can't decide if she wants to be a witch or a vampire and a gay, black, young man who is obsessed with Harry Potter and wants to shag another black, young guy who is also self-described witch. There is no redeeming qualities for this episode. There was only one semi-interesting part of the show where the young gay guy was doing a spell to sever the ties with his ex. He used a dead rat because he said is ex was a rat. For a split second there I thought this guy was going to go hardcore and thoroughly cross up his ex. But, alas, no. Instead he used the fact that the rat was dead as a symbolic gesture to kill any ties to him ex that he currently had. It had potential to be a very powerful work but he messed it up. All in all I can honestly say that I didn't sense any real power from the young people. I saw potential in the young gay guy but the white girl was hopeless. To be honest, this is probably just a fad for these two individuals. I would like to revisit them when they are in their 30s and have to deal with real world problems that adults have to face and then we can see how their world views have changed.

Would I recommend people watch this episode? -Only for laughs. That's it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reading Insects And Bugs In Candle Burning Omens

If you burn a lot of candles, especially glass enclosed vigil candles, the you will eventually have a scenario where you will discover that bugs and insects have found their way into the wax or glass. Below is mixture of what I have been taught with regard to reading these as omens and what Spirit or instinct has revealed to me.

-If you notice small gnats, mosquitoes or very tiny bugs then you can easily ignore them as they are inconsequential. Only if there is a great deal of them should you try to read them. If you do have a scenario where there are large numbers of gnats or very tiny insects in your wax or glass then it means you have a lot of enemies that are trying to work against you but they are weak and inconsequential. So no further work against them is needed. They will not prevail against you. 

-If the bug or insect is dead and is in the wax and not on the glass then you have an enemy that has tried attacking you but has failed. You are too strong for them to hurt. No further work against them is needed but do keep an eye out just in case they may try to attack you in the future.

-If the bug or insect is dead and is stuck to the side of the glass then you have an enemy that has tried attacking you. The enemy can't hurt you but is just strong enough to have caused obstacles in the way of preventing you from obtaining your desires or at least slowing you down. You can do further work to remove their influence. 

-If the bug or insect is black, such as a black beetle, then it is witchcraft or an actual witch in insect form. This is a powerful attack and you should do an uncrossing or reversing, followed by protection work. 

-If a "friendly" insect or bug, such as a lady bug for example, ends up in your wax or candle then it may mean that someone with good intentions may accidentally mess up your plans or prevent you from obtaining your desire. If you are doing enemy work and a friendly bug or insect gets caught in the wax or glass then it symbolizes "collateral damage", meaning that an innocent bystander is going to get hurt in the process. If the friendly bug or insect is just sitting on your work then it means you have friends or good people and/or spirits helping you. 

-Flying insects can symbolize spirits, good or evil. Usually they will be butterflies or moths. Butterflies symbolize good spirits and moths symbolize negative spirits. If a butterfly lands on your work then it is "blessing" it. Expect good things. Likewise if a moth lands on your work then it is trying to cross it up, interfere with it or even reverse it. Butterflies rarely get caught inside a home so unfortunately it's usually moths that find their way in. 

-Stinging insects, such as wasps, are incredibly dangerous omens. This represents an enemy that is powerful enough to cause you significant damage and injury. Please show extreme caution and make sure to do an uncrossing and some very powerful protection work. If the wasp is dead then you or your spirits have defeated the enemy but if it's alive then you better watch out. 

-Spiders represent an enemy that is trying to capture and bind you or even destroy your work. If you are a man then a spider may symbolize a female trying to dominate and control you. This is especially true if you are doing love work on a woman. If a spider gets into the wax or glass it may represent an outside female that is interfering because she is trying to make you submit to her alone. From my experience as a worker, if I'm doing love work for a male client and I notice a spider then I immediately do an uncrossing and start the work over as I've noticed that this usually represents and outside woman has killed the work. This is true even if the spider is dead. If you are female then a spider may represent a female rival that has her eyes on your man or it may represent a female enemy. In some situations it can represent a man, especially one that is trying to capture and trap a woman. These are the type of men that want to control every aspect of a woman's life and give her no personal freedom. Be cautious. 

-Roaches symbolize nasty, negative people and hidden enemies. Just like that saying, "For every one roach you see there are countless more that you don't see", be assured that you have multiple enemies working against you. If you find a roach in your work then the work is ruined and you will have to start again. 

-Stink Bugs symbolize jealousy and "the evil eye", a.k.a. "stink eye". If you notice a stink bug in your work then you should take it as a sign that you are the victim of the evil eye and need to remedy it. 

-Flies and maggots represent negative spirits. They can be free agents who have decided to work against you or they can be sent by other practitioners. Your work is spoiled and you need to start again if you notice flies in your work. It's really bad if you notice maggots. Cleanse your whole damn house if you notice maggots in your work. There are only a couple of specific situations where flies and maggots are positive omens. If flies or maggots get into your uncrossing or "cut and clear" work then it's a good sign as they are consuming the "dead" parts, i.e. the negativity and person or things that need to be removed from your life. 

-Crickets symbolize family members. They may or may not be interfering or trying to stop your work but may just get in the way. They may represent a noisy relative that is trying to spy on you. If the cricket is able to "sing" then it's represents someone gossiping about you and spreading your business. It may also mean the target will find out you are working on them. 

-Ants symbolize the removing of something, be it positive or negative. If you are doing money work and notice ants in your work then it mean that whatever gain you make from the work will be taken from you. However, if you are doing banishing work or even uncrossing work then it's a positive sign as the person or negativity is being removed. Ants can also act as messengers and transport your desires or prayers to where they need to go. So if you are doing work to try to find a person or make a person contact you then it would be a good sign as the ants would be your allies and helpers in the matter. 

-If any bug or insect has ended up extinguishing your candle flame, despite whether or not the bug or insect died in the process, then your work is ruined and you will have to start over. 

-If a bug or insect is still alive but trapped in your work then it means a magical stalemate has occurred. You and your enemy are equally matched and it's going to be a difficult case to overcome them. If you are patient and persevere you may defeat them. Show creativity to overcome them. 

WARNING!: The following information is the traditional, old-school method of dealing with living bugs and insects that you discover in your work. This is not for the lady-hearted. 

If you find a living insect or bug in your candle or work and you correctly determine it represents and enemy you can defeat the enemy by killing the bug. Just smash it right then and there. This is especially done when a black bug or insect that represents a witch or witchcraft is found. The teacher who told me to kill these bugs or insects also told me to use my bare hands and to just crush them right then and there while cussing or cursing out the enemy. If you are lady- hearted then I assume you can capture them and just take them someplace away from your house and release them if you want. Don't just throw them outside as they can find their way back in to your home. So if you take them someplace further away then they will get lost and won't be able to find their way back. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Q&A - March 1, 2016


"Why did you turn my case down? Did I do or say something that offended you?"


I turn down cases for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people want things that just are not reasonable or possible. Sometimes I get requests from people who are mentally ill (You would be shocked just how many people tell me that they will kill themselves if they don't get what they want. I definitely do not take on those cases!). Sometimes what people want is technically doable but I know they aren't willing to pay the amount that I would require in order to perform the work. Sometimes I am simply too busy to take on a case. Sometimes the case is just way too difficult. Sometimes I morally object to what the client is wanting. Sometimes the would-be-client is rude with me. Sometimes I am sick and can't take on a case. Sometimes the would-be-client wants me to jump through a hoop or prove myself to them. Sometimes the would-be-client asks me hundreds of questions and emails spaced out over days to weeks and in one case, even months, until I finally put my foot down and turn them down rather than waste any more of my time on said person. Sometimes I just know there is no hope for the situation. What I'm getting at is that there is not just one reason why I turn down a case. It depends. I usually do not explain myself but rather just politely turn down the case. So if you know you weren't rude with me then you probably shouldn't assume that I was offended. There's plenty of other reasons why I would turn down a case. In your particular case, you asked me dozens of questions over several weeks. You and I both know you can't afford to hire me based on our conversation. You actually told me in the second or third email that you don't have a job and couldn't afford me but you kept on asking questions anyway, which took up my time. Thus, it would be a waste of my time to continue answering your questions. So I politely turned down your case. I could have been rude to you and I could have been blunt with you. However, I chose to be polite with you to let you know that I wasn't going to answer anymore of your questions.


"What is the most difficult work to perform in hoodoo?"


From my experience, conjure work on alcoholics and drug users is extremely difficult mostly because these people know what they are doing and just don't care. The addiction has completely taken over. In the cases where I've seen success it was achieved by crossing them up first so that they hit rock bottom and then cleansing and blessing them. However, many of these individuals really want to die and it's an uphill battle to try to fight for their life when they don't want it. Certain types of court cases and legal work is a close second. Unfortunately, most people in need of court case work tend to wait until the very last minute and often expect free work at that. It just ain't so.


"Will you light a free candle for me every week until I achieve my goal or this situation is settled?"


No. Only one free candle setting per emergency situation. If you want a candle set every week then you will need to purchase a paid candle setting. I charge $30 per candle. For some reason I have gotten a lot of these requests in February. I received another one today as well. Just a reminder, free candle settings are for emergency situations only. Any requests for non-emergency situations will be ignored.


"Do you do a lot of negative work for people? If so, how does it make you feel? How does it effect you?"


Yes, I do. I do a lot of enemy work for clients. I have to cleanse myself after each work. If I didn't do that then my life would definitely be negatively effected by the work. Lucky for me I have a passion for justice and I know that for many people enemy work is the only justice they will ever get in this life. So I really do enjoy the work and I'm good at it. ;)


"I need a recipe for goofer dust. Thanks in advance."


I never offered to give you a free recipe. Thank you for understanding.


"Can you share the different Bible verses you work with? I'm interested in using Bible verses for various situation, especially money, love and to help defeat my enemies."


Yep. I actually planned on blogging a series on Bible verses I use in my work. People have no clue just what is found in the Bible. There are verses and even entire chapters for just about anything you need help with. Lots of very harsh work there to use against your enemies as well.


"I'm being attacked by a blue demon that comes into my room at night and tortures me. What is the name of this spirit and how do I master it?"


I'm not sure what you mean by "mastering it", but if you are being spiritually attacked at night there are a variety of things you can do to protect yourself. A simple method would be to open a bible to a protective Psalm, such as Psalm 91 which mentions "the terror by night". Place an open pair of scissors on top of the Bible and then place everything under your bed. I would not recommend you attempt to communicate with any negative spirit or try to "master it".

Herb Trivia

Arrow Root, which is used in hoodoo for gambling luck and which was used by the Arawak natives to draw out the poison from arrow wounds, is mostly adulterated or even completely fake when bought in powder forms in stores. If the brand contains any real Arrow Root powder it is often cut with Casava or even cornstarch powder. Some stores do sell the whole root but it is too difficult to dry and powder on your own.

Chilies (what most people call "peppers") often have different names between the fresh and dried forms. For example, Chipotle is simply dried red Jalapeno peppers. Ancho chilies are dried Poblano, California chillies are dried Anaheim, and Cayenne peppers are dried Ginnie (Guinea) peppers. The last one has a major role in African-derived magical traditions as it is grown in Africa. The last one also became the name of a famous alternative rock group as another name for Cayenne pepper is "Red Hot Chili Peppers".

Grains of Paradise Seeds, a.k.a. Guinea Pepper Seeds, are unrelated to the Cayenne or Ginnie Pepper. Instead, they are related to Ginger and get their name from their similarity to black peppercorns.