Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Favorite 'Monsters' Episodes

Monsters was a horror-themed television series which aired from 1988 through 1991. It was very similar to Tales from the Darkside. Reruns are still shown on the Chiller cable t.v. channel. Below are some of my favorite episodes. Just like with Tales from the Darkside, many of these episodes feature witches, magic and the occult.

The episode below, titled, The Moving Finger, is adapted from a Stephen King short story and published in King's 1993 book, Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Unfortunately, I prefer the short story over this adaptation.

In this episode, title La Strega, a man attempts to kill a woman he believes to be a witch in retaliation for her cursing his mother.

The episode below is titled, The Mandrake Root. Angela discovers that her Haitian grandmother had a secret.

In this episode, titled Hostile Takeover, a businessman resorts to black magic to get ahead and finds the consequences are far more serious than he imagined.

In this episode, titled The Feverman, a skeptical doctor seeks to expose a healer who claims to be able to end fevers and cure patients of diseases.

In this episode, titled Rouse Him Not, an artist discovers that her home used to be owned by a warlock.

I really like this one. A mysterious woman with amnesia has the secret to eternal youth. Its a secret to die for. The episode is titled, The Cocoon.

In this episode, titled Rerun, a woman discovers that her favorite movie star was a Satanist.

The following episode, titled Love Hurts, is a tale about love gone wrong for a "voodoo witch". Note: Anytime you hear about a "voodoo witch" it is most likely hoodoo that is being referenced. This episode gets major kudos from me for using the terms "goomer" and "goomerin'", to reference magic and casting a spell. The word "goomer" comes from Ozark Folk Magic, which is a mixture of European and Native American traditions. There probably was some cross-over into hoodoo. For more info see my blog article at the following link:

The following episode, titled The Farmer's Daughter, concerns a love that comes with a price.

In the comedic episode, titled The Demons, a warlock in another dimension tries to conjure demons but ends up invoking human nerds.

In this episode, titled Half As Old As Time, a dying, elderly man discovers there is a price to pay for drinking of the Fountain of Youth.

The following episode, titled Bug House, takes "white trash" to a whole new level.

The following episode, titled Household Gods, is a supernatural anti-feminist propaganda piece.

There are many more good episodes. If you haven't checked out the series then I would recommend it.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

How To Create Perfect Cones With Incense Powders

So those educated in hoodoo should know by now that incense powders were preferred in the past because it allowed the worker to add herbs, roots, oils, and other items to the incense powder before burning. In the past, manufacturers of powdered incense would include a small metal cone former in their packaging so that the customer could produce consistent incense cones for burning.

Fast forward to today and modern manufacturers no longer include such metal cone formers. Customers are forced to either burn incense powder on charcoal, which is kind of silly since the powder itself is self-lighting and shouldn't require charcoal to burn. Another way customers have fashioned cones is to for a small funnel out of paper. However, using paper can be difficult and often creates inconsistent incense cones.

I'm going to share with my readers a trick they can still take advantage of.

Go on eBay. Search for "Vantines Incense" and pick one a listing that comes with a metal cone former. You should be able to get one for around $20 or under. These metal cone formers are sturdy and should last you the rest of your life. You should only need to purchase one but you can purchase more to have as back-up in case you misplace them or they become damaged. I currently have two and am thinking of purchasing more.

Not only will you have a metal cone former to use in your rites but you can also have a vintage metal incense tin that you use for decoration or even to store modern incense powders. If you lucky then your tin will come with some ancient incense powders still in the tin!

The picture below is one Vantine's tin I purchased with it's metal cone former and a cone of incense on a glass candle holder. The tin was manufactured sometime in the 1930 and still had some brownish-green incense powder in it. It's remarkable to think that the incense it contained is nearly 90 years old! Of course it has long lost any pine fragrance it once contained.

If you are interested in learning about Vantines then check out the link below. I would strongly recommend reading the pamphlet, "The Etiquette of Incense" that has been uploaded to the site. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Att: International (Non-U.S.) People Contacting Me For Conjure Work

This is a message for people outside of the U.S. who email me inquiring about hiring me for conjure work.

First, let me state that I am thankful for you being a reader of my blog. You are welcome to read and comment when you feel like making a response to my blog posts.

However, if you know that because of your situation that you can not afford to hire a conjure worker then please do not email me to get a free consultation. My time is valuable. If what you are wanting help with is not an emergency, and which doesn't qualify for consideration for an emergency free work, then simply do not email me.

I completely understand that people come from all walks of life and all living conditions. I treat everyone the same as my clients range from prostitutes to politicians. So I will not treat a person who lives in a shack and has no running water any less than I would treat a person who is a millionaire and lives the high life. I treat everyone the same. We are all human beings. This said, it is a waste of my time for you to inquire of me to get a free consultation when you know good and well that what you are wanting does not qualify as an emergency and that you can't possibly afford to hire me.

I'm currently being inundated from people from Mexico, Central America, India, Africa, and parts of Asia who don't have any income and who want me to bring their lovers back, want me to help them against their rivals, or even enemy work. If you know you can't afford me then please respect me enough not to waste my time.

You can always send me a prayer request. Just put "Prayer Request" in the subject line, I will pray for any condition and it doesn't just have to be an emergency. Keep in mind that I will not reply to prayer requests but they will be added to my list.

If what you are seeking does qualify for free emergency work then ask for that. It has to be an emergency. Getting your girlfriend back is not an emergency. For free emergency work it is for one situation only. Only one time per person. I am not here to solve all of your problems and make your life perfect. If you have multiple problems I will pick the one I feel is the most pressing and work on that.

Thank you.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Got Put In My Place Today

Some days back I blogged about fake hoodoo people, a topic that infuriates me. Anyway, this faker (the one who piled produce around a 7 day glass candle as their pan-spell for all situations, just changing the colors of the wax) apparently told someone else about our conversation and that person decided to send me a email to "set me straight" about hoodoo because I apparently have no idea what I'm talking/writing about and am clueless.

So it turns out that hoodoo is actually a mixture of Orisha worship (from the black side) and Druid magic (from the white side). There are no rules in hoodoo and thus it's not really a tradition. So you can do whatever you want to do and still call it hoodoo. The most important thing to realize is that the only Christians who practiced hoodoo where the ones who stole it from the pagans.

I can't believe for all these years I've operated under the silly notion that the true real-world practitioners who were alive and practicing hoodoo/roots before the invention of the Internet knew what they were talking about. Silly me!

I'm so glad that I've been educated and now realize that the keepers of this tradition can only be found online, aren't Christians and don't use the Bible in their work. I'm so very relieved to learn that since you can do whatever you want that it's not a real tradition.

So I guess I need to sign up for a whole lot of Internet courses so I can receive a proper education on how to serve the Orisha and balance that with becoming a Druid, so I can truly understand how to practice hoodoo. I need to thoroughly apologize for Christians who stole this tradition from the pagans. This is just another example of evil Christians trying to oppress paganism. Can't believe I was so stupid!

(FYI: This sarcasm in case you didn't pick up on that.)

To set the record straight:

1. Hoodoo has nothing to do with the Orishas.

2. Hoodoo has nothing to do with Druids.

3. Hoodoo has nothing to do with paganism.

4. Hoodoo was invented by Christians. Traditional folk-magic in the Western world has been Christian for approximately 2,000 years now. Christians did not steal this tradition from Pagans. It's the reverse that's true. Modern Pagans are wanting to steal hoodoo and then claim it's what they've always practiced.

5. What this faker is doing is not hoodoo. This person is merely slapping a label on shit they made up and claiming it is hoodoo.

6. The person who emailed me is not a practitioner of hoodoo. You can't be that ignorant and still practice traditional rootwork and conjure. If you don't know what it is then you aren't practicing it.

Look folks, I don't really care what people do. If you want to mix and match and make up your own thing that's fine. Knock yourself out. However, stop calling that what you made up hoodoo. You can't change hoodoo into something completely different and then still claim to practice it. Hoodoo is not a "do whatever you want" tradition.

I'm also not saying that you making up and doing your own thing doesn't have power or that your spells don't work. I'm just saying it's not hoodoo. I can't fathom why so many people are unable to comprehend this.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Favorite 'Tales From The Darkside' Episodes

I stumbled upon a channel on YouTube that had all the old 'Tales From The Darkside' episodes. So I've spent much of this weekend kicking back and watching my favorite episodes. You can watch them below. Most of them deal with magic, witchcraft, voodoo, or the occult.

The first is The Cutty Black Sow. This is an actual real legend. The Cutty Black Sow is a demon or even the Devil himself in the form of a sow. You can read about it at the following link:

In the next episode, Parlour Floor Front, a white woman will stop at nothing to get a "voodoo" (hoodoo) man out of the home. Does she get her comeuppance?

In this episode, In The Cards, the Tarot cards don't predict the future. They create it!

This episode, The Moth, features Debbie Harry as a witch who thinks she is about to die.

The next two episodes are tied as my favorites. The first is Baker's Dozen, a tale of a so-called "voodoo witch" (Mabel King) who has a recipe for cookies that's to die for!

And finally we have Auld Acquaintances, a tale of two Salem witches who meet up to exchange an ancient talisman.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Showing Support For The Women's March On Washington

I just wanted to publicly show my support for my sisters and brothers who are taking part in the Women's March on Washington today. Thank you all for standing in unity and sending a message to Trump and Washington to let them know that women's voices will be heard.

Additional marches are taking part today in most major cities across the nation. There is one at my state capital today as well. Below is a NY Times article with a map listing every location in the U.S. where women's marches are being held today.

If you are not able to take part in either the march on Washington or an event near you, then please take the time to show your support. Comment on social media. Grab your mother, sister, or girlfriends, and remind them of this event and of the fact that women can do anything when they stand in unity. When we are faced with a president who has made very disgusting comments about women, Hispanics, and the disabled, then we have to speak out. It's time to show him and his supporters that hatred, bigotry, prejudice, and sexism will not prevail.

Don't forget to wear something pink today!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why Did You Turn My Case Down?

I've touched on this topic before but lately I've had to turn down over a dozen cases the past couple of weeks. So I thought it was time to return to this topic just so my would-be clients understand the reason why I have to turn some cases down. Below are the majority of the reason why I have to decline taking a person on as a client. They are in no particular order to frequency or severity.

1. There is no hope for the situation. 

Sometimes the cards are just stacked up so high that a good outcome is just not possible. I do not take on clients who I feel have no chance for a successful outcome.

2. The would-be client is mentally ill.

If a would-be client tells me they are mentally ill or I suspect they are mentally ill I will turn their case down.

3. The would-be client has unreasonable expectations.

Unfortunately, life is not like Burger King. You can't always get everything exactly the way you want. If a would-be client contacts me and has unreasonable expectations I will do my best to steer the person towards more reasonable expectations. However, if the person will not budge and holds firm then I have no choice but turn their case down.

4. The would-be client is out of touch with reality.

This is similar to unreasonable expectations and may be a result of mental illness. It can also be due to just naivety with regards to how the world operates. It's too much of a chore to try to get people to plant their feet on the ground so it's usually easier for me to just turn them down.

5. The would-be client displays warning signs that they would be a "problem client". 

I don't want trouble. If your behavior is indicative of a trouble maker then I just will not take you on as a client. The most obvious warning signs that people have and continue to do is to make demands of me as well as to express considerable rudeness from the very first email.

6. The would-be client can not afford to hire a conjure worker. 

Believe it or not, if a would-be client contacts me and is willing to hire me but tells me they are unemployed, homeless, on disability, or says anything else that indicates to me that this person truly can not afford to hire a conjure worker then I will turn the person down. I am regularly contacted by people who are willing to spend money on conjure work when they don't have a roof over their head or have no idea where there next meal is going to come from. I simply can not take on their cases. I am very fearful that they are so willing to throw money for conjure work that they will eventually get scammed by people who have no morals. Also, I have a conscious. At the end of the day I don't want to feel that I've taken advantage of someone.

7. The would-be client asks too many questions.

It's normal for would-be clients to ask questions. I completely understand that. However, if left unchecked a curious thing happens. I've had people who already had a free consultation with me continue to email me for days, weeks, months, and in one case, years afterwards, and continue to ask questions. Eventually these people will cycle back and ask the same questions over and over again. I've learned my lesson the hard way that there is something  majority wrong with these people and that I have to nip it in the bud. So for now, if multiple days go by and the would-be client continues to ask questions without giving any sign of actual commitment to hiring me then it's easier for me to turn their cases down and cut them lose, than it is to continue to waste my time with them. My time is valuable and despite what certain people may think, they are not entitled to my time.

8. The would-be client tries to haggle prices.

I don't do it, period. Far easier to turn them down thAn to debate prices.

9. The would-be client insists on me calling them and speaking to them for free on the phone. 

Again, lesson learned the hard way. These people have no real interest in hiring a conjure worker. They just want somebody to talk to. People who are willing to pay you for your time are the people who are willing to hire someone for conjure work. If a would-be client asks to speak to me on the phone before they are willing to hire me then I will tell them that it's $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for one hour. If they continue to beg me then I will turn their cases down and ask them to stop emailing me.

10. The would-be client is a minor.

Sorry, you need to 18 years of age or older to hire me as your conjure worker.

11. The would-be client wants me to "sweeten the deal" for them. 

Usually, the client wants free readings, free setting of lights, sometimes free mojo bags. I don't do that. I made the mistake of doing it once and it turned into a situation where the client who paid me $100 for an hour reading now thought they were entitled to free shit from me for the rest of their life. It's far easier to just turn the client's case down. This said, there are times where I've thrown in some free work when I've felt that it was absolutely necessary to the success of the client's situation. If I chose to do it of my own free will, and without the would-be client asking, then that's a completely different thing.

12. The would-be client ignores my questions or refuses to answer my questions during the free consultation. 

You would not believe how often this happens! During free consultations I often have questions based on the situations that people are requesting help with. Sometimes a person will just outright tell me they won't answer my question. Sometimes they just ignore me. For example, when people email me about wanting to draw back a lover I usually reply with, "Okay, tell me about the relationship. Who long where you together? When did you break up? When's the last time you saw them? When's the last time you were intimate?", etc." You would not believe how many people simply refuse to answer simple questions like this. If you can't open up to me and tell me about your relationship then it's a bad sign. Better drop you then risk problems down the line.

13. The would-be client grills me fierce from the first email.

This is a combination of number 12 above as well as number 5. Usually, such people have a zillion questions and ignore or refuse to answer any questions I ask in return. I've had people demand the contact information of past clients before hiring me (NO! I protect the anonymity of my clients!). I've had people ask for a damn auto-biography from me before they answer. In fact, I just had a crazy lady do that. Emailed me for help. I asked her to reply to me and tell me about her situation she needs help with and her response was to ask me for 3-4 paragraphs about my life, how I came into magic, and my address and phone number. Nope! Sorry, but that's too intrusive and indicates you're going to be a "special snowflake" who stirs up special-problems in the future. Got to cut you loose!

14. The would-be client demands to meet me in person.

In this day and age this is not safe. If I don't know you I'm not letting you into my home. I'm not giving you my phone number. This "meeting in person", though actually very traditional with professional root workers of the past simply is too risky in today's age. The majority of all situations can be handled long-distance. Trust me, if it's something that can only be done in-person then I will tell the client such and recommend they see someone in their area. There's no need to travel across the country to see me. (Back in October I had a lady from Boston willing to fly to see me but only if I perform it for free because she can't afford to pay for both the flight, hotel, and conjure work. It took forever to get her to understand that she's not doing any favors to me by wanting to come here and especially wanting free work.)

15. The would-be client waits too long to hire me.

The sad truth is that in many situations timing is everything. Too many people think they have all the time in the world and so aren't in a rush to hire me. This is especially sad in love cases where a person may have had a free consultation with me and I told them that there was still hope but they then waited too long to hire me and so now I have to turn them down.

16. The would-be client lies to me.

If I catch someone in a lie I do not accept their case. There is absolutely no need to lie to me. You can tell me anything. My clients range from prostitutes to politicians. I've heard it all. Nothing you say will shock me. I'm not here to judge you. I'm here to help you obtain your needs and desires.

17. If a would-be client is trying to abuse my free consultations as a way of getting me to teach them conjure work. 

"So, would you recommend that I do something on my end that will help me in my situation while you perform the work? If so, go ahead and tell me in detail tricks I can do on my end now and I promise I will hire you when I get the money!" -Have been told similar things from people.

18. If the would-be client begs me to start the work now but promises to pay at some time in the future. 


19. If the would-be client tells me what to do. 

The whole point of a free consultation is for me to offer my recommendations of work needed based upon the information concerning the situation the client requires help with. I then use my experience as well as being spirit-led, to offer remedies and a plan of action, both using conjure work and recommendations for real-world actions that I feel will be best to achieve success for the client. If the client has no respect and feels that they know what's best then I tell them that they don't need me and they should just do it themselves.

20. What the client is wanting is not worth it for the prices I charge. 

Unfortunately, many people tend to have an over-simplistic comprehension of their situation. Many people falsely assume that one simple spells can solve all of the complexities of their case. Sometimes what the client wants is in fact actually doable. It's just that it's not worth taking the client's case on for the price that I charge. Its just easier to turn the client down than explain to them that what they are wanting would cost way more than what I normally charge. A good majority of people expect that the world be given to them on a silver-platter and they want it at literally next-to nothing. If it's too much work and if I feel I wouldn't be adequately compensated then I will turn you down. Conjure work can be really draining. I often get headaches, feel fatigued, and sometimes get sick after finishing for a client. I have to be adequately compensated for my time and energy or else I can't take it on.

Friendly Reminders Regarding Free Emergency Work And Assorted Stuff

1. It has to be a real emergency. You thinking that you can't afford it does not make it an emergency. Love work is NEVER an emergency.

2. I'm not here to make your life perfect. If I agree to do free emergency work for you then it's only going to be for one situation that I feel is the most pressing.

3. Only one free emergency work per person.

4. If you know your situation is not an emergency and you know that you just can't afford to hire a conjure worker then please don't waste my time. My life is busy like many people and it's really irking to wast a good deal of time on someone who already knows that they can't afford to hire a conjure worker. I'm good at picking up on when a person is just wanting someone to talk to, and can weed them out, but if you waste my time only to tell me that you can't afford to hire a conjure worker then don't get offended when I ask you kindly to stop emailing me.

5. I do not talk to anyone on the phone for free so please do not even ask. Why? Because I know that 99% of people who want me to talk to them for free on the phone just want to waste my time and just want to talk to someone. These people have no real interest in hiring a conjure worker and usually know they can't afford one. I've learned from trial and error that people who are willing to pay to talk to me on the phone are people who are actually interested in hiring a conjure worker and can afford it. You can communicate with me for free via email. However, if you want to speak to me on the phone then it's $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for one hour.

6. If you email me making demands or acting like a weirdo then please realize that there's a good chance I will not reply to you.

7. Please note that I turn down a lot of clients for work and there are multiple reasons why. It just depends as to the reason. If asked I will generally tell a person why I have chosen to turn down their case. Please don't be hurt. Sometimes if it's for something like unrealistic expectations I will try to steer you toward more reasonable ones. However, if you won't budge then I have no choice but to turn you down. If I turned you down and you want to know why, just ask.

God Bless,


Monday, January 16, 2017

States That Do Not Recognize MLK Day Or Do His Legacy A Disservice

So you would think that in this day and age that U.S. states would be on board for celebrating MLK Day. Unfortunately, there are still many old white bigots in positions of power who think that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is not worthy of a holiday bearing his name, or who think that MLK is not worthy of his own separate day. Below are a couple of rather depressing facts.

- In Idaho, lawmakers did not believe that MLK was worthy of an official day in his honor. So they celebrate "Human Rights Day" instead.

- Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi celebrates MLK and the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee on the same day. Not a joke.

Maybe we need some protesting to rectify this? #BLM

Sunday, January 15, 2017

White Wiccan Wannabe Blasts Hoodoo As "Christian Con Artistry"

So I'm bored and had some free time. I stumbled upon an article on a popular NeoPagan website. The article is by a white woman who is a fake-Wiccan. For those who don't know what a fake Wiccan is, they are people who identify as Wiccan but who don't belong to any tradition and are eclectic in nature. They do not hold to the beliefs of Gardnerian Wicca and believe that Wicca is a "do whatever you want" religion. I use the word fake because Gardnerians do not accept them as being Wiccans,  and I've known a few Gardnerians who have much to say on the topic. Some of these fake Wiccans even claim to also be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, etc., while in real Wicca they do not allow dual-religions or the combining of religions to form hybrid versions.

So this white woman decided to write an article on how she is so upset that her competition is something called "Root Doctors" (She is writing this assuming that people have never heard of it before, that's how ignorant she is!) and claims that root doctors are "Christian con artists" who prey on poor black people.

I want to make something real clear here, something that takes an astute person to pick up on. Why would this white woman bitch about "root doctors", a.k.a. "Christian con-artists", preying off of poor black people? The answer is because she is assuming that all or most root doctors are white. I just thought I would toss that our there. This woman has no knowledge of hoodoo and especially doesn't know how prevalent it is in black American culture.

Anyway, this woman not only fails to understand that hoodoo is a valid magical tradition but also fails to understand that there isn't anything wrong with charging money for services. She is one of those spiritual weaklings who considers the exchange of any money to nullify magical abilities. Going further, she then explains to people that magic can't be used to solve difficult problems. In fact, she unknowingly is arguing for the non-existence of magic and miracles while promoting her bull shit new-age philosophy and her own reiki and crystal healing services.

This woman then goes on to talk about how much she enjoys being a "witch" and that she comes from a long line of witches, with her mother and grandmother also being witches. She relates "cherished memories" of her grandmother and mother going to Wiccan shops when she was a small girl to purchase crystals that "sang to them" to tell them they are the ones to buy. So what I'm trying to communicate is that she is full of shit, if you didn't pick up on that due to my subtlety. (Wiccan shops, as in shops primarily catering to Wiccans, only popped up in the 1980s and didn't become widespread until the 90s. Prior to that time it was candle shops (hoodoo) and hoodoo drugstores. So she is either young or is lying.)

Look, the world is a big place. There is room for everyone, including new traditions of NeoPaganism. However, there are major problems with people who are part of the NeoPagan community. It's a problem of education and excessive-assumptions. Many of these people hold to beliefs of their own white superiority, not just in everyday life, but also in the realms of magic. They have been taught they they are the witches that can be found in history, that their religion is ancient instead of a modern invention, and that they are the experts in magic. They have been brainwashed into believing in magical karma and gladly accept mental prisons that limit their magical capabilities, rendering their magic weak and ineffective. Going further, when there are problems in a person's life or with enemies who threaten a person, these people not only won't do what is needed magic-wise but can't do what is needed even if the desire was truly there. They back themselves into a corner by holding beliefs that magic can't be used with "big stuff" and can only be used in "little stuff", i.e. trivial concerns. Some will even take it to the point of blaming people for their problems, as in "karmic debts".

As I'm typing this I'm reminded of the series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Specifically, season 5, which featured the characters revolving around an occult shop (The Magic Box) that one character (Giles) purchased and ran with the help of the others. The character of Willow began to develop her magical abilities and decided to join a local witch group on campus. She soon discovered that none of the people showed any actual interest in magic or spells and were instead more interested in New-Age bull shit. When she made a recommendation that they might actually cast some spells she was chastised and degraded for her "stereotypical" perception of what a witch is. Here's the actual dialogue below:

"Willow: But, there's also other stuff that we might show an interest in, as a Wicca group.
Wanna Blessed Be #1: Like what?
Willow: Well, there's the wacky notion of spells. You know, conjuring, transmutation...
Wanna Blessed Be #2: Oh yeah. Then we could all get on our broomsticks and fly around on our broomsticks. (Wiccan group members laugh at Willow)

Willow: (Leaving Wiccan group depressed, runs into Buffy) Talk. All talk. 'Blah, blah, Gaia. Blah, blah, moon. Menstrual life-force power thingy.' 
Buffy: No actual witches in your witch group?
Willow: No! Bunch of wanna blessed be's. Nowadays every girl with a henna tattoo and a spice rack thinks she's a sister to the dark ones."

That pretty much sums up my view of the situation.

As far as this white fake-Wiccan, and with regard to the "poor black victims" of "Christian con-artists" (root doctors), she goes on to write that it's important that they are told that there is no hope in the situation, that magic can't and shouldn't be used for such, and that it's best to just learn to accept the situation. She then goes on to recommend her services, how she makes her living, of bull shit aura cleansings, crystal therapy, and white light visualizations. You know because that's what people really need.

Of course the reality of the situation is that she is the one who is fake. She's the con artist trying to peddle her services to people and services that have zero chance of even possibly helping clients. Getting your aura cleansed is not going to draw back your lover. Placing a fucking crystal on your stomach is not going to prevent Sally at work from trying to get you fired. People have real problems and they require a real craft, something that most people who identify with this white fake-Wiccan author, do not have. They want to be "witches" but they don't have a clue about what the concept of a craft entails.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Some Say The World Will End With Ice

So today is Friday the 13th. I'm stoked. I love these days. To me they are days filled with a lot of power. Sure, the power can be chaotic, which is why I think so many people view them as bad luck. This Friday the 13th is even more chaotic than usual.

Not only is this the first Friday the 13th of 2017 (our next and last one will be in October), but it is also the last night for the full moon. The full moon is generally said to last three days, the official night of the full moon and the night preceding and following it. On top of that, in my area we are having an ice storm.

Now, I can handle snow with no difficulty. However, I'm scared shitless of ice. I have almost wrecked dozens of times on ice. So all of you who live in seemingly tropical areas of Southern California or Florida, I truly envy you. I also envy those who never experience snow and ice because they live near the ocean. I know that when people from California and Florida visit my state they always freak out about two things; tornados and ice storms (sometimes earthquakes!). These people tend to be horribly unprepared and since they have no idea of what it's like they really don't understand the threat. The biggest threat from ice storms is power loss. It's one thing if you go without power during the Spring or Summer and it's a completely different thing when you go without during the dead of Winter. The cold is excruciating! I'm just praying that our power stays on as otherwise it may be a week or longer, in the worst scenario.

So as you go about your day today keep in mind the chaotic energy available to you. Keep your lucky objects on your person (I have my rabbit's foot and 4 leaf clover) and consider taking a chance or two that you wouldn't normally make. I for one recommend playing the lottery and/or gambling.

As for tonight, I plan on kicking back and watching some indie horror movies tonight and possibly catching a hoodoo-themed podcast.

Happy Friday The 13th! (Rubs Lucky Rabbit's Foot)


Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Sly Faux-Folk Who Use Hoodoo To Promote Their Own Personal Bull Shit

I swear I never cease to be amazed by the sheer number of shit that a person can be full of. It seems just when I think I've seen it all someone else pops forward revealing that they are crammed full of even more.

So I find this person who is really big on FB and other social media. This person used the word 'hoodoo' to promote themselves. So I assume that they are doing hoodoo. Well, I guess it's my fault for assuming!

So this person is really big. Talking thousands of followers. I saw some of this person's work and thought it was interesting. So I dug around and looked at more examples of their work. I was kind of worried because it appeared that this person was merely doing the same "spell" over and over again, like a one-trick pony. I finally found a novel spell I thought this person created but then found a YouTube video of the exact same spell that was done a year before this person did their spell. I thought to myself that this is where this person got this spell from and at no time did they claim they got this form that source, indicating that it was something they created.

So I decided to message this person and we start a conversation. We were talking about various things and I was poking and prodding to see if this person was legit. So I ask them why they didn't use the Bible. This person responds that the Bible has nothing to do with magic and that it's a tool of enslavement. Then this person turns around and says that you don't need to be a Christian to do hoodoo and that the most powerful hoodooists are Muslims and Buddhists because they are more spiritually advanced than Christians. I was floored!

So I ask this person what hoodoo meant to them. Their response is that hoodoo doesn't have a single definition and that it changes for each person. This person said that to them hoodoo is about your spirit and spiritual advancement.

I found that reply very interesting because this person will do these very complex faux-Christian prayers before doing the same old tired shit they do for every single spell they charge for. Like the prayer this person says takes minutes to recite. I wrote that it was faux-Christian because it's not something that a real Christian would say but rather something that a mixture of a New-Ager and Goddess worshiper might come up with, except that it references God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. (Yet this person doesn't use the Bible!)

I simply can not understand why this person has so many followers. Are people that stupid? Can't they see with there own eyes that this person's "spells" consist of nothing but a 7 Day Candle with fucking produce piled around it? The only thing that changes is apparently the color of the candle, say green for money, purple for power, etc. Now, I don't know what this person charges their clients but anyone who is stupid enough to hire this person better not be stupid enough to pay them a lot as this person has no craft, no retinue of skills.

On a different note, today I encountered a damn "Queen of Hoodoo", who claimed she was part of a super-secretive ancient tradition of hoodoo that most people have never heard of. They are so super-secret and ancient that they don't burn candles in their practice and only use oil lamps. I don't have time for this nonsense and simply stated that nobody has heard about her alleged super-secret hoodoo tradition because it doesn't exist outside her head. I then politely educated her to the fact that old timers who used oil lamps also used candles as well. It's not a this-or-that type of situation. People can and did use both.

Also, a person who claimed to be a witch left a comment, which I did not approve, on my blog stating that she put a death hex on me and said I would be cold and buried before the new moon. She said her curse was justified for my many blog entries that refer to witches as being evil (even though I clarified in nearly every single one that I was not referring to Wiccans or NeoPagans). Yeah, because I wrote that witches were evil she decided to perform a death hex on me. Right. Not evil in the slightest. (No, I'm not scared. People with power get shit done without resorting to drama queen shenanigans.)

Honestly, I think I need to stop Googling things related to hoodoo online.

EDIT: I did it again! I just had to click on a video on YouTube and watch some fake ass bitch lie and do a video on a spell that was first published on the Lucky Mojo Forum back in 2009. This was a very unique spell and this bitch lies through her teeth saying she's always done this since she was a little girl and that her grandmother taught her it! LIES. So I called her out and now she wants to declare war on me because she uses YouTube to try to get clients. So I looked at her video on War Water and it's exactly from Lucky Mojo. I'm so sick of these damn copycat fakes!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The DeLaurence Company Is Back!

So I was surfing the web the other day and found this:

The De Laurence Company was extremely influential as one of the key spiritual supply/mail order houses that catered to practitioners of hoodoo. The original company was based in Chicago but this modern rendition is seemingly based in Indiana.

You can still purchase old catalogs on eBay and similar sites. They pop up every now and then. I have a couple of them in my collection. The older catalogs were huge, as in containing way more pages than one would assume would be found in a mail-order catalog. They are so big that they can be described as books. In fact, some of them appeared to have been turned into books.

L.W. De Laurence was not above controversy. He was a plagiarist but he was also an author and wrote several pieces that are still in print.

Don't know if it's true or not but I'm told that the company closed sometime in the late 60s, some 30 odd years after De Laurence's death. So it looks like it has now reopened. I am interested in ordering some spiritual products and if I do I will write reviews and post pictures on my blog. I'm also interested in ordering their famous "3 headed serpent ring". That was the one item I truly wanted from reading through vintage catalogs. However, the gold version is way over-priced, in my opinion. They want over 1K for it. I might get the silver version which is around $400.

I would recommend readers purchase his books on or other sites. Some of the information contained in his books is really good and rather interesting. If anything, do it just to be a rebel as De Laurence's book are still banned in Jamaica over their paranoid fears of Obeah magic.

Not sure how long the website has been up. The copyright reads 2013 so I may be late to the party. At the website you can download a free copy of their catalog.

Words Of Advice

You can use hoodoo/conjure/root work to obtain anything you want. You surely can. Anything. However, you have to be willing to make the sacrifice and/or pay the price, as well as accept the consequences. That's the deal. Keep this in the back of your mind. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Everything has fine print. As long as you are willing to pay the price you can indeed have anything and everything you need or want.

If your work is not manifesting then take a step back and see if the actual problem is that you are not willing to pay the price. Your work may be spot on but if your not willing to pay the price then you might as well not even bother doing work in the first place.

Sometimes people just aren't in the right mental mind frame of understanding this. They may claim they are willing to pay the price but their mind is not quite there with regards to understanding what the price actually is.

Case in point, I recently turned down a young man who wanted to hire me to make him a big movie star. Now, I had no intentions of taking on his case but I communicated with him out of curiosity to see if he had talent or if this was just a pipe dream. It was indeed a pipe dream. The young man had never taken any acting lessons, never performed on stage let alone in front of the camera, wasn't educated in the dramatic arts, etc. So I asked him if he knew that he had to move from his Midwestern state to pursue his career. He said no, that with my help I could just manifest it for him in his small town. I asked him if he had any plans on taking acting lessons or getting professional training. His answer was that none of that is necessary. So it's safe to say that he wasn't aware of what the sacrifices would be or wasn't willing to make the sacrifices to obtain his desires. So there is almost zero chance of any magic being successful in his case. I didn't tell him such but steered him toward higher education in a field to act as "back up" if acting didn't pan out for him.

Know what the price is for the granting of your desire. Know what the sacrifice(s) is/are. Know what the consequences are, to the best of your ability, and fully accept them. Otherwise, walk away. You are the one in control. If the sacrifice and consequence is too high then choose to walk away. Do your work over and focus on something a bit more easily obtainable.

Remember that when we do magic we only focus and concentrate on the end result. We do not plan every single step that gets us to the granting of the desire. That's for God/The Universe/Higher Power, whatever, to figure out. If you think you can control every single step of the process then you are dooming  yourself to failure.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Return Of The Hag

This past week the hag came and paid a visit to me. I've had the hag on me numerous times throughout my life but this time was different. It was the first time I actually saw something. Normally I just wake up paralyzed. This time I saw what appeared to be a female corpse, recently dead, with grayish skin and dead white eyes. It was pretty crazy. What freaked me out was not just her appearance but also that she began caressing me in a romantic fashion.

The Old Hag is a mainstay in hoodoo, mostly because it's something the majority of people will experience at least once in their life. You wake up and realize you can't move. You try to scream out for help but you can't even make a peep. You may hear things. You may see things. You may not be able to breathe. You are scared to death. Then it's all over. What was it?

The Old Hag gets it's name because for thousands of years people interpreted it as a witch who sits on your chest, preventing you from breathing. She paralysis you and tortures you, stealing and feeding on your life-force or "breath". For more information, click on the link below:

YouTube's "Angry Grandpa" talks about his experiences with the old hag.

Angry Grandpa is correct. One of the ways you can protect yourself and drive the Hag away is by cussing her out. I use 'her' because most men view it as feminine but there are masculine hags as well. In Hyatt's material they call the masculine ones Jack-O-Lanterns or Jack Mulatto. The carved pumpkins are of course based off of the old Irish legend of Stingy Jack who was too bad for heaven and too good for hell. So he wanders the earth til Judgment Day carrying nothing but his lantern containing a lump of coal from Hell to light his way. So a Jack-O-Lantern is a strange light or "spook light" that has been witnessed. It's believed that witches can turn into balls of light. This belief comes from Native Americans as well as Africans.

Other than cussing her out you can also fight her, that is wrestle her. That's usually what I do. Old timers call it wrestling but in reality it just mean you fight with all your might until you break free of her power and can move again. There are numerous tricks you can employ such as hanging a kitchen sieve, scissors and bible under your bed, scattering seeds, sprinkling red pepper around the bed, etc., to protect you. As far as Psalms go, Psalm 91 will keep her at bay.

Now, there are those people who have had far more traumatic encounters being hag-ridden. For those who may not know what it's like, I would recommend watching the first season of the WGN series, Salem. The character of Mercy is attacked nearly every night by a hag.  Here's one scene where the hag "talks" with her:

In the 1990s the hag syndrome was "solved" by scientists who claimed it was something called "sleep paralysis". I'm not one to judge and despite whether you think it's supernatural or sleep paralysis it is quite scary for those who have experienced it. Below are two good documentaries on the Old Hag/Sleep Paralysis.

So good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the hag ride ya tonight!

The Hag: Bloodline

A new movie based on the old hag phenomenon.

Looks like they had zero budget. Not sure if I would actually watch this or if it would even be any good or not.

You can visit their Facebook page below:

Voodoo & Zora Neale Hurston

January 7, would have been Zora Neale Hurston's 126th birthday.

Woman Divines The Future Using Asparagus

A white, Brittish psychic by the name of Jemima, is perhaps the world's only "asparamancer". Jemima, a.k.a. "Mystic Veg" uses asparagus to divine the future.

Despite the oddity, Jemima actually uses similar methods that many diviners use, that is by tossing the spears of asparagus in the air and the interpreting the patterns of their fall. At one point she is asked if she can substitute celery stalks and she says no but in reality there should be nothing preventing her from using anything other than celery, save for her own belief that anything else wouldn't work.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Fish In Your Pussy And Foot Track Magic

I came across this article concerning "pagan" customs. It is referencing Burchard of Worms (d.1025) and his work called "The Corrector", where he admonished mostly German women for carrying out demonic pagan customs. One of the more humorous ones listed is women who put live fish in their pussies and then when they die they clean and cook them and serve them to their husbands or lovers to increase their sexual desire. Not only is this hilarious but it actually makes perfect sense from a symbolic angle. Let's face it, when a woman is not at her freshest there is a considerable fishy smell. Not singling women out because back then I'm sure everyone stank as personal hygiene wasn't at the top of the list of daily activities for most people. Even today there are people who stink to high heaven.

Now, there have been studies done that show that most women find male B.O. to be disgusting...except when they are ovulating. When ovulating something happens, no doubt caused by hormonal changes, that makes women more tolerant of male B.O. The same applies for women as well. I have read about studies done where men who were not horny who found the fishy smell of a vagina to be off-putting but men who were sexually turned on did not mind the smell. Also, a woman's scent also changes when she is ovulating and studies have shown that men find the smell of a vagina when a woman is ovulating to be more pleasant or more attractive than when a woman is not ovulating. So Nature uses our body smells as a way to both repel and attract the sexes based upon fertility and likelihood of conception. The use of a fish in a vagina would act to increase the fishy smell and "double the power" in attracting sexual attention from men. If a modern woman where to try this trick today then I might recommend doing so during menstruation as the addition of menstrual blood would increase the power even further.

The article also touches on foot track magic, mainly admonishes women who gather footprint dirt to use in dark works against "Christians". This is not the only reference I've come across involving Europeans using foot track magic. So this does make me question if foot track magic is strictly African in origin, as has been claimed by certain people. I've also encountered passages referencing tricks that have been laid down for victims to step in as well. It seems there is still room for debate on where these beliefs originated. If you would like to read the article then click on the link below.

Grandmother Mistakes 'Lord of the Rings" Elf For St. Anthony

This is a bit humorous. A Brazilian Grandmother mistook a toy elf, a figurine of Elrond, for a statue of St. Anthony and venerated it for quite some time before her granddaughter realized what was going on.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

'Charmed' Reboot In The Works

It's been announced today that the CW has officially ordered a script for a reboot of the witchy t.v show, Charmed. The series revolved around three sisters who discovered that they were powerful witches meant to take on the forces of evil.

The reboot will have a twist. It is set in a New England town in 1976!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Putting A Curse On Donald Trump?

So I was browsing today and came across this:

Yes, someone actually wrote a book on how to curse Donald Trump with hoodoo.

Here's the sample:

by Shayla Ravenfeather

It's down to the wire, my brothers and sisters!
With Wikileaks and the FBI embroiling Mrs. Hillary's campaign, we may be all but certain to see that racist bigot Donald Trump in the Oval Office.  There's only one sure fire way to prevent this: You must curse him!"

Well, so this was published on November 1, so apparently the curse was ineffective in preventing Trump from winning the election. No shocker.

This isn't even the first time that some magical practitioner or group of them have claimed to have cursed, crossed or hexed Trump. Entire covens have joined in on the action. All are weak and ineffective. Take a look:

Half-Santeria Witch/Half-Muggle Curses Trump

Feminist Wannabe-Witches Hex Trump

Dazed-And-Clueless Brujhas Curse Trump. (The freezer spell was hilarious! They could have at least used his picture!)

Mexican Brujos and Brujas Hex Trump (Okay, this is a bit interesting. Too bad I don't speak Spanish.)

Trump Voodoo Doll

So why did they fail? Let me break it down for you:

1. To Know - These people have no clue what they are doing.
2. To Will - They want it but they are undisciplined and unfocused.
3. To Dare - They dared, alright!
4. To Keep Silent - FAIL!

These people got what they truly wanted....publicity and attention. They have no power and all of their curses are doomed from the get go.

Remember, all your work should be justified and it's hard to justify cursing Trump. I admit he's said some nasty shit but so far hasn't followed it through with actions. I mean, if you want to attempt work on Trump then try to silence him. Burn the shit out of his tongue. Hell, do the infamous beef tongue spell on him and load it up with red pepper and alum.

As for me, I have no intention of doing any work on the President Elect. He has not harmed me in the slightest and any such action would be wasted energy on my part. Besides, what these fake witches fail to realize is that a man doesn't become a billionaire and the President without having a good amount of personal power. Did any of these people ever question if Trump was more powerful than they? NOPE!

Pick your battles, folks.

Oh, and don't waste your money on the e-book on how to curse Trump. It's not even worth the .99 cents the author is asking for.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ravyn's Court Case Work

I almost forgot about this one. This is Ravyn (fake name for anonymity). Ravyn hired me for some court case work. She wrote me back to tell me great news, that the case was dismissed. She also had some interesting things to say about the corrupt judge. This is Ravyn's second review she wrote for me. I had previously published the first testimony/review she wrote back in November.

Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2016 at 6:21 PM
From: xxxx
To: DocConjure <>
Subject: court case testimony

Doc, I wanted to thank you again for the excellent work regarding my court case. I also wanted to share the final outcome as a testimony to your services. The court case that you helped me with was finished on December 6.  Not only was my case DISMISSED, but the judge involved was temporarily removed from all cases due to ethics charges -before my trial. I had a new judge. Everything went great! I am so happy and amazed!! It has been a blessing working with you. Your work is outstanding and I plan to continue working with you as long as your available! Thank you again!  

Sent from my iPhone

Roger Pinkney

Found a few interesting Roger Pinkney videos on YouTube. Pinkney is the author of, Blue Roots: African-America Folk Magic of the Gullah People.


So my father had his DNA tested through He got the results back today. The majority "white" part of his DNA comes from Scandinavia (37%), with England, Ireland, and Western Europe being the other major contributors. We already knew the English and Irish part but the Scandinavian part is rather interesting. He is also 1% African (Senegal/Mali) and 7% Jewish.

Now the next step is to get either my mother tested or for me to get tested. My mother's grandfather, my great grandfather, was adopted and we know nothing about his family. So I have a feeling I'm going to be quite shocked to learn about where he comes from.

You can get your own DNA tested by visiting It's only $99.