Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Att: International (Non-U.S.) People Contacting Me For Conjure Work

This is a message for people outside of the U.S. who email me inquiring about hiring me for conjure work.

First, let me state that I am thankful for you being a reader of my blog. You are welcome to read and comment when you feel like making a response to my blog posts.

However, if you know that because of your situation that you can not afford to hire a conjure worker then please do not email me to get a free consultation. My time is valuable. If what you are wanting help with is not an emergency, and which doesn't qualify for consideration for an emergency free work, then simply do not email me.

I completely understand that people come from all walks of life and all living conditions. I treat everyone the same as my clients range from prostitutes to politicians. So I will not treat a person who lives in a shack and has no running water any less than I would treat a person who is a millionaire and lives the high life. I treat everyone the same. We are all human beings. This said, it is a waste of my time for you to inquire of me to get a free consultation when you know good and well that what you are wanting does not qualify as an emergency and that you can't possibly afford to hire me.

I'm currently being inundated from people from Mexico, Central America, India, Africa, and parts of Asia who don't have any income and who want me to bring their lovers back, want me to help them against their rivals, or even enemy work. If you know you can't afford me then please respect me enough not to waste my time.

You can always send me a prayer request. Just put "Prayer Request" in the subject line, I will pray for any condition and it doesn't just have to be an emergency. Keep in mind that I will not reply to prayer requests but they will be added to my list.

If what you are seeking does qualify for free emergency work then ask for that. It has to be an emergency. Getting your girlfriend back is not an emergency. For free emergency work it is for one situation only. Only one time per person. I am not here to solve all of your problems and make your life perfect. If you have multiple problems I will pick the one I feel is the most pressing and work on that.

Thank you.


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