Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Friendly Reminders Regarding Free Emergency Work And Assorted Stuff

1. It has to be a real emergency. You thinking that you can't afford it does not make it an emergency. Love work is NEVER an emergency.

2. I'm not here to make your life perfect. If I agree to do free emergency work for you then it's only going to be for one situation that I feel is the most pressing.

3. Only one free emergency work per person.

4. If you know your situation is not an emergency and you know that you just can't afford to hire a conjure worker then please don't waste my time. My life is busy like many people and it's really irking to wast a good deal of time on someone who already knows that they can't afford to hire a conjure worker. I'm good at picking up on when a person is just wanting someone to talk to, and can weed them out, but if you waste my time only to tell me that you can't afford to hire a conjure worker then don't get offended when I ask you kindly to stop emailing me.

5. I do not talk to anyone on the phone for free so please do not even ask. Why? Because I know that 99% of people who want me to talk to them for free on the phone just want to waste my time and just want to talk to someone. These people have no real interest in hiring a conjure worker and usually know they can't afford one. I've learned from trial and error that people who are willing to pay to talk to me on the phone are people who are actually interested in hiring a conjure worker and can afford it. You can communicate with me for free via email. However, if you want to speak to me on the phone then it's $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for one hour.

6. If you email me making demands or acting like a weirdo then please realize that there's a good chance I will not reply to you.

7. Please note that I turn down a lot of clients for work and there are multiple reasons why. It just depends as to the reason. If asked I will generally tell a person why I have chosen to turn down their case. Please don't be hurt. Sometimes if it's for something like unrealistic expectations I will try to steer you toward more reasonable ones. However, if you won't budge then I have no choice but to turn you down. If I turned you down and you want to know why, just ask.

God Bless,


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