Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Favorite 'Monsters' Episodes

Monsters was a horror-themed television series which aired from 1988 through 1991. It was very similar to Tales from the Darkside. Reruns are still shown on the Chiller cable t.v. channel. Below are some of my favorite episodes. Just like with Tales from the Darkside, many of these episodes feature witches, magic and the occult.

The episode below, titled, The Moving Finger, is adapted from a Stephen King short story and published in King's 1993 book, Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Unfortunately, I prefer the short story over this adaptation.

In this episode, title La Strega, a man attempts to kill a woman he believes to be a witch in retaliation for her cursing his mother.

The episode below is titled, The Mandrake Root. Angela discovers that her Haitian grandmother had a secret.

In this episode, titled Hostile Takeover, a businessman resorts to black magic to get ahead and finds the consequences are far more serious than he imagined.

In this episode, titled The Feverman, a skeptical doctor seeks to expose a healer who claims to be able to end fevers and cure patients of diseases.

In this episode, titled Rouse Him Not, an artist discovers that her home used to be owned by a warlock.

I really like this one. A mysterious woman with amnesia has the secret to eternal youth. Its a secret to die for. The episode is titled, The Cocoon.

In this episode, titled Rerun, a woman discovers that her favorite movie star was a Satanist.

The following episode, titled Love Hurts, is a tale about love gone wrong for a "voodoo witch". Note: Anytime you hear about a "voodoo witch" it is most likely hoodoo that is being referenced. This episode gets major kudos from me for using the terms "goomer" and "goomerin'", to reference magic and casting a spell. The word "goomer" comes from Ozark Folk Magic, which is a mixture of European and Native American traditions. There probably was some cross-over into hoodoo. For more info see my blog article at the following link:

The following episode, titled The Farmer's Daughter, concerns a love that comes with a price.

In the comedic episode, titled The Demons, a warlock in another dimension tries to conjure demons but ends up invoking human nerds.

In this episode, titled Half As Old As Time, a dying, elderly man discovers there is a price to pay for drinking of the Fountain of Youth.

The following episode, titled Bug House, takes "white trash" to a whole new level.

The following episode, titled Household Gods, is a supernatural anti-feminist propaganda piece.

There are many more good episodes. If you haven't checked out the series then I would recommend it.

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