Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Favorite 'Tales From The Darkside' Episodes

I stumbled upon a channel on YouTube that had all the old 'Tales From The Darkside' episodes. So I've spent much of this weekend kicking back and watching my favorite episodes. You can watch them below. Most of them deal with magic, witchcraft, voodoo, or the occult.

The first is The Cutty Black Sow. This is an actual real legend. The Cutty Black Sow is a demon or even the Devil himself in the form of a sow. You can read about it at the following link:

In the next episode, Parlour Floor Front, a white woman will stop at nothing to get a "voodoo" (hoodoo) man out of the home. Does she get her comeuppance?

In this episode, In The Cards, the Tarot cards don't predict the future. They create it!

This episode, The Moth, features Debbie Harry as a witch who thinks she is about to die.

The next two episodes are tied as my favorites. The first is Baker's Dozen, a tale of a so-called "voodoo witch" (Mabel King) who has a recipe for cookies that's to die for!

And finally we have Auld Acquaintances, a tale of two Salem witches who meet up to exchange an ancient talisman.

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