Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Putting A Curse On Donald Trump?

So I was browsing today and came across this:

Yes, someone actually wrote a book on how to curse Donald Trump with hoodoo.

Here's the sample:

by Shayla Ravenfeather

It's down to the wire, my brothers and sisters!
With Wikileaks and the FBI embroiling Mrs. Hillary's campaign, we may be all but certain to see that racist bigot Donald Trump in the Oval Office.  There's only one sure fire way to prevent this: You must curse him!"

Well, so this was published on November 1, so apparently the curse was ineffective in preventing Trump from winning the election. No shocker.

This isn't even the first time that some magical practitioner or group of them have claimed to have cursed, crossed or hexed Trump. Entire covens have joined in on the action. All are weak and ineffective. Take a look:

Half-Santeria Witch/Half-Muggle Curses Trump

Feminist Wannabe-Witches Hex Trump

Dazed-And-Clueless Brujhas Curse Trump. (The freezer spell was hilarious! They could have at least used his picture!)

Mexican Brujos and Brujas Hex Trump (Okay, this is a bit interesting. Too bad I don't speak Spanish.)

Trump Voodoo Doll

So why did they fail? Let me break it down for you:

1. To Know - These people have no clue what they are doing.
2. To Will - They want it but they are undisciplined and unfocused.
3. To Dare - They dared, alright!
4. To Keep Silent - FAIL!

These people got what they truly wanted....publicity and attention. They have no power and all of their curses are doomed from the get go.

Remember, all your work should be justified and it's hard to justify cursing Trump. I admit he's said some nasty shit but so far hasn't followed it through with actions. I mean, if you want to attempt work on Trump then try to silence him. Burn the shit out of his tongue. Hell, do the infamous beef tongue spell on him and load it up with red pepper and alum.

As for me, I have no intention of doing any work on the President Elect. He has not harmed me in the slightest and any such action would be wasted energy on my part. Besides, what these fake witches fail to realize is that a man doesn't become a billionaire and the President without having a good amount of personal power. Did any of these people ever question if Trump was more powerful than they? NOPE!

Pick your battles, folks.

Oh, and don't waste your money on the e-book on how to curse Trump. It's not even worth the .99 cents the author is asking for.


  1. This article is really interesting, and I mean REALLY interesting Doc, lol. The third video "Brujas Hex Trump" especially entertaining. Lol XD. "Ice Queen" really??!?!?!? LOL XD, taken from the "Chronicles of Narnia" "White Witch" !?! LOL XD.

  2. I wonder what would happen if they used the new book on cursing and crossing? I think they could do it! To justify a curse on one who has hurt every ethnic background except his own seems justified enough. Things are at a critical time we are near what will come! He is a child rapist, racist, he has the power to to send us to war and you think he is above a curse? What he did to Puerto Rico, what he did to Cuba , what he has done to Afghanistan , etc!!! I hope they get it right and continue because if first you don't suceeed try try again!

  3. We must also remember hoodoo was originally used against the wicked slave owners so and now we are all slaves to a new owner!