Monday, January 9, 2017

Return Of The Hag

This past week the hag came and paid a visit to me. I've had the hag on me numerous times throughout my life but this time was different. It was the first time I actually saw something. Normally I just wake up paralyzed. This time I saw what appeared to be a female corpse, recently dead, with grayish skin and dead white eyes. It was pretty crazy. What freaked me out was not just her appearance but also that she began caressing me in a romantic fashion.

The Old Hag is a mainstay in hoodoo, mostly because it's something the majority of people will experience at least once in their life. You wake up and realize you can't move. You try to scream out for help but you can't even make a peep. You may hear things. You may see things. You may not be able to breathe. You are scared to death. Then it's all over. What was it?

The Old Hag gets it's name because for thousands of years people interpreted it as a witch who sits on your chest, preventing you from breathing. She paralysis you and tortures you, stealing and feeding on your life-force or "breath". For more information, click on the link below:

YouTube's "Angry Grandpa" talks about his experiences with the old hag.

Angry Grandpa is correct. One of the ways you can protect yourself and drive the Hag away is by cussing her out. I use 'her' because most men view it as feminine but there are masculine hags as well. In Hyatt's material they call the masculine ones Jack-O-Lanterns or Jack Mulatto. The carved pumpkins are of course based off of the old Irish legend of Stingy Jack who was too bad for heaven and too good for hell. So he wanders the earth til Judgment Day carrying nothing but his lantern containing a lump of coal from Hell to light his way. So a Jack-O-Lantern is a strange light or "spook light" that has been witnessed. It's believed that witches can turn into balls of light. This belief comes from Native Americans as well as Africans.

Other than cussing her out you can also fight her, that is wrestle her. That's usually what I do. Old timers call it wrestling but in reality it just mean you fight with all your might until you break free of her power and can move again. There are numerous tricks you can employ such as hanging a kitchen sieve, scissors and bible under your bed, scattering seeds, sprinkling red pepper around the bed, etc., to protect you. As far as Psalms go, Psalm 91 will keep her at bay.

Now, there are those people who have had far more traumatic encounters being hag-ridden. For those who may not know what it's like, I would recommend watching the first season of the WGN series, Salem. The character of Mercy is attacked nearly every night by a hag.  Here's one scene where the hag "talks" with her:

In the 1990s the hag syndrome was "solved" by scientists who claimed it was something called "sleep paralysis". I'm not one to judge and despite whether you think it's supernatural or sleep paralysis it is quite scary for those who have experienced it. Below are two good documentaries on the Old Hag/Sleep Paralysis.

So good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the hag ride ya tonight!

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