Friday, January 13, 2017

Some Say The World Will End With Ice

So today is Friday the 13th. I'm stoked. I love these days. To me they are days filled with a lot of power. Sure, the power can be chaotic, which is why I think so many people view them as bad luck. This Friday the 13th is even more chaotic than usual.

Not only is this the first Friday the 13th of 2017 (our next and last one will be in October), but it is also the last night for the full moon. The full moon is generally said to last three days, the official night of the full moon and the night preceding and following it. On top of that, in my area we are having an ice storm.

Now, I can handle snow with no difficulty. However, I'm scared shitless of ice. I have almost wrecked dozens of times on ice. So all of you who live in seemingly tropical areas of Southern California or Florida, I truly envy you. I also envy those who never experience snow and ice because they live near the ocean. I know that when people from California and Florida visit my state they always freak out about two things; tornados and ice storms (sometimes earthquakes!). These people tend to be horribly unprepared and since they have no idea of what it's like they really don't understand the threat. The biggest threat from ice storms is power loss. It's one thing if you go without power during the Spring or Summer and it's a completely different thing when you go without during the dead of Winter. The cold is excruciating! I'm just praying that our power stays on as otherwise it may be a week or longer, in the worst scenario.

So as you go about your day today keep in mind the chaotic energy available to you. Keep your lucky objects on your person (I have my rabbit's foot and 4 leaf clover) and consider taking a chance or two that you wouldn't normally make. I for one recommend playing the lottery and/or gambling.

As for tonight, I plan on kicking back and watching some indie horror movies tonight and possibly catching a hoodoo-themed podcast.

Happy Friday The 13th! (Rubs Lucky Rabbit's Foot)


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