Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The DeLaurence Company Is Back!

So I was surfing the web the other day and found this:


The De Laurence Company was extremely influential as one of the key spiritual supply/mail order houses that catered to practitioners of hoodoo. The original company was based in Chicago but this modern rendition is seemingly based in Indiana.

You can still purchase old catalogs on eBay and similar sites. They pop up every now and then. I have a couple of them in my collection. The older catalogs were huge, as in containing way more pages than one would assume would be found in a mail-order catalog. They are so big that they can be described as books. In fact, some of them appeared to have been turned into books.

L.W. De Laurence was not above controversy. He was a plagiarist but he was also an author and wrote several pieces that are still in print.

Don't know if it's true or not but I'm told that the company closed sometime in the late 60s, some 30 odd years after De Laurence's death. So it looks like it has now reopened. I am interested in ordering some spiritual products and if I do I will write reviews and post pictures on my blog. I'm also interested in ordering their famous "3 headed serpent ring". That was the one item I truly wanted from reading through vintage catalogs. However, the gold version is way over-priced, in my opinion. They want over 1K for it. I might get the silver version which is around $400.

I would recommend readers purchase his books on Amazon.com or other sites. Some of the information contained in his books is really good and rather interesting. If anything, do it just to be a rebel as De Laurence's book are still banned in Jamaica over their paranoid fears of Obeah magic.

Not sure how long the website has been up. The copyright reads 2013 so I may be late to the party. At the website you can download a free copy of their catalog.



  1. Doc,

    This is an interesting update, I thought they're out of business for quite sometime. I find it interesting that to this day Jamaica still bans De-Laurence products as "Obeah".

  2. Doc,

    Hi...I work for DeLaurence Company. We are currently formatting the Big Catalog into a PDF version we can send to people if they are interested. It has a lot of useful information. All they need to do is request it via the website which you have kindly placed a link to. The site just went up last year. Originally we were based in Chicago, but we have been operating out of Indiana for quite some time now. Thanks again...and All Life's Best to you. ~DeLaurence