Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Sly Faux-Folk Who Use Hoodoo To Promote Their Own Personal Bull Shit

I swear I never cease to be amazed by the sheer number of shit that a person can be full of. It seems just when I think I've seen it all someone else pops forward revealing that they are crammed full of even more.

So I find this person who is really big on FB and other social media. This person used the word 'hoodoo' to promote themselves. So I assume that they are doing hoodoo. Well, I guess it's my fault for assuming!

So this person is really big. Talking thousands of followers. I saw some of this person's work and thought it was interesting. So I dug around and looked at more examples of their work. I was kind of worried because it appeared that this person was merely doing the same "spell" over and over again, like a one-trick pony. I finally found a novel spell I thought this person created but then found a YouTube video of the exact same spell that was done a year before this person did their spell. I thought to myself that this is where this person got this spell from and at no time did they claim they got this form that source, indicating that it was something they created.

So I decided to message this person and we start a conversation. We were talking about various things and I was poking and prodding to see if this person was legit. So I ask them why they didn't use the Bible. This person responds that the Bible has nothing to do with magic and that it's a tool of enslavement. Then this person turns around and says that you don't need to be a Christian to do hoodoo and that the most powerful hoodooists are Muslims and Buddhists because they are more spiritually advanced than Christians. I was floored!

So I ask this person what hoodoo meant to them. Their response is that hoodoo doesn't have a single definition and that it changes for each person. This person said that to them hoodoo is about your spirit and spiritual advancement.

I found that reply very interesting because this person will do these very complex faux-Christian prayers before doing the same old tired shit they do for every single spell they charge for. Like the prayer this person says takes minutes to recite. I wrote that it was faux-Christian because it's not something that a real Christian would say but rather something that a mixture of a New-Ager and Goddess worshiper might come up with, except that it references God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. (Yet this person doesn't use the Bible!)

I simply can not understand why this person has so many followers. Are people that stupid? Can't they see with there own eyes that this person's "spells" consist of nothing but a 7 Day Candle with fucking produce piled around it? The only thing that changes is apparently the color of the candle, say green for money, purple for power, etc. Now, I don't know what this person charges their clients but anyone who is stupid enough to hire this person better not be stupid enough to pay them a lot as this person has no craft, no retinue of skills.

On a different note, today I encountered a damn "Queen of Hoodoo", who claimed she was part of a super-secretive ancient tradition of hoodoo that most people have never heard of. They are so super-secret and ancient that they don't burn candles in their practice and only use oil lamps. I don't have time for this nonsense and simply stated that nobody has heard about her alleged super-secret hoodoo tradition because it doesn't exist outside her head. I then politely educated her to the fact that old timers who used oil lamps also used candles as well. It's not a this-or-that type of situation. People can and did use both.

Also, a person who claimed to be a witch left a comment, which I did not approve, on my blog stating that she put a death hex on me and said I would be cold and buried before the new moon. She said her curse was justified for my many blog entries that refer to witches as being evil (even though I clarified in nearly every single one that I was not referring to Wiccans or NeoPagans). Yeah, because I wrote that witches were evil she decided to perform a death hex on me. Right. Not evil in the slightest. (No, I'm not scared. People with power get shit done without resorting to drama queen shenanigans.)

Honestly, I think I need to stop Googling things related to hoodoo online.

EDIT: I did it again! I just had to click on a video on YouTube and watch some fake ass bitch lie and do a video on a spell that was first published on the Lucky Mojo Forum back in 2009. This was a very unique spell and this bitch lies through her teeth saying she's always done this since she was a little girl and that her grandmother taught her it! LIES. So I called her out and now she wants to declare war on me because she uses YouTube to try to get clients. So I looked at her video on War Water and it's exactly from Lucky Mojo. I'm so sick of these damn copycat fakes!

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