Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Words Of Advice

You can use hoodoo/conjure/root work to obtain anything you want. You surely can. Anything. However, you have to be willing to make the sacrifice and/or pay the price, as well as accept the consequences. That's the deal. Keep this in the back of your mind. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Everything has fine print. As long as you are willing to pay the price you can indeed have anything and everything you need or want.

If your work is not manifesting then take a step back and see if the actual problem is that you are not willing to pay the price. Your work may be spot on but if your not willing to pay the price then you might as well not even bother doing work in the first place.

Sometimes people just aren't in the right mental mind frame of understanding this. They may claim they are willing to pay the price but their mind is not quite there with regards to understanding what the price actually is.

Case in point, I recently turned down a young man who wanted to hire me to make him a big movie star. Now, I had no intentions of taking on his case but I communicated with him out of curiosity to see if he had talent or if this was just a pipe dream. It was indeed a pipe dream. The young man had never taken any acting lessons, never performed on stage let alone in front of the camera, wasn't educated in the dramatic arts, etc. So I asked him if he knew that he had to move from his Midwestern state to pursue his career. He said no, that with my help I could just manifest it for him in his small town. I asked him if he had any plans on taking acting lessons or getting professional training. His answer was that none of that is necessary. So it's safe to say that he wasn't aware of what the sacrifices would be or wasn't willing to make the sacrifices to obtain his desires. So there is almost zero chance of any magic being successful in his case. I didn't tell him such but steered him toward higher education in a field to act as "back up" if acting didn't pan out for him.

Know what the price is for the granting of your desire. Know what the sacrifice(s) is/are. Know what the consequences are, to the best of your ability, and fully accept them. Otherwise, walk away. You are the one in control. If the sacrifice and consequence is too high then choose to walk away. Do your work over and focus on something a bit more easily obtainable.

Remember that when we do magic we only focus and concentrate on the end result. We do not plan every single step that gets us to the granting of the desire. That's for God/The Universe/Higher Power, whatever, to figure out. If you think you can control every single step of the process then you are dooming  yourself to failure.

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