Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Signs, Cures & Witchery

I received this in the mail yesterday and am in the process of watching it now. I love it! This is a DVD companion, a one hour documentary with extra features, for the book by the same name. The author is Gerald C. Milnes. I ordered the book as well but haven't received it yet. 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to record the teachings of the elders. That's why this documentary is so great. It's not about hoodoo but rather about Appalachian folk magic, a.k.a. "granny magic" and witchery. There is tales of healing, tickets, supernatural stories, superstitions, and of course, witches. 

Now, I support any and all folk magic traditions. They don't have to be strictly American, such as hoodoo, Ozark folk magic, Appalachian folk magic, Pow-Wow/Braucherie, etc., as folk magic traditions can be found in almost every nation. It's important to keep the old ways alive. Not only are the old ways in danger from zealot Christians who view it as "devilry", but these customs are also endangered by skeptics, especially scientifically trained ones who can see no value in continuing to pass such down to children, as well as Wiccans and modern Neopagans who mostly view these traditions as a free-for-all to steal spells from. 

Now, if you are interested in purchasing this documentary then there is some things that you may not be aware of. For example, you will hear these old timers talk about "tickets". Well, they aren't explained so if you don't know what they are then you are going to miss out on information. Someone should have asked these elders what a ticket is but nobody did. A ticket is what these folks call petitions papers in their tradition. More specifically, they usually involve the writing of bible verses and often with blank spaces that they fill with the names of the target. Many of the folks use tickets as a spell to itself and carry them on their person for protection and to ward off illness. I'm sure that like with hoodoo that there is many different ways to create tickets. 

If you are a fan of folk magic then this is a must watch! I can't wait until the book arrives. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Disappearance Of Deorr Kunz, Jr.

On July 10, 2015, a two-year old boy named Deorr Kunz, Jr., disappeared while camping with his family. The story of the parents is that they left Deorr behind with the 76 year-old great-grandfather in order to go fishing. They were only allegedly gone for 20 minutes. When the parents returned and asked where their son was, the grandfather stated that he thought the boy was with them as he saw the boy walk toward the father before they left. An extensive hunt by authorities failed to uncover any trace of the boy and his whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

That was the story. Now here is some information that causes many to speculate about what happened to Deorr.

-The first PI working on the case quit, citing that the parents were being less-than-honest with him and stated that he had told them in advance that if he felt like they were lying then he would quit the case.

-The second PI working on the case was fired by the family after he told the family that he believed they were lying. Among the allegations made by the second PI is that the mother had told him that she knows where the body of her boy is located but refuses to divulge where that location is.

-The parents failed 5 lie detector tests. The parents claimed that their emotional distress after losing their boy caused them to fail the tests.

-Item such as toy cars and a jacket similar to the one Deorr was wearing or had on him at the time of his disappearance, items that the parents claimed were missing as well, were discovered at a local landfill. The items were discarded after the parents were evicted from their home.

-Police have gone on record stating that none of the 4 adults at the scene of his disappearance can be cleared as suspects.

-A few months after the disappearance the father moved out of state.

-Eight months after the disappearance the mother married another man.

-The mother had previously lost custody of her first two children over allegations of abuse.

-The mother has now publicly stated that its possible that the father could have been responsible for Deorr's disappearance.

What happened to Deorr Kunz, Jr.?

I'm not in any way, shape, or form, actually working on this case as a psychic. However, that doesn't stop me from sensing things.

I will be short and to the point. I sense that this poor boy was accidentally run over. I believe the boy died as a result of his injuries. I sense that this story of his disappearance was concocted in order to prevent charges being filed. I also sense that pot or alcohol was involved in this somehow, that maybe the driver was intoxicated to some degree. As to where the boy is, I see dirt, as in large piles. I see large equipment that you would find at a construction site. I smell trash and a strong odor that is similar to the chemical they put in natural gas to make it stink. I don't sense his remains are at the campground because I don't sense him ever going there. This happened somewhere else, before this camping trip, and his body was transported to where it was dumped. I do sense that the location where his remains are is a place that has some connection to the father's work. I do sense the family is lying and is acting to protect the parents. The only way this case is going to be solved is if one of the family members breaks down and comes forward with what they know, or the remains are discovered.

Again, this is not a case I'm working. This is just impressions I get from this case.




Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Psychic Detective Readings

So, back in 2005 I used to be a member of a website that gave free readings to people. During my stay there I was approached by a person who claimed to be the friend of a family of a missing woman. The woman asked me to see if I could pick up on any information as to her whereabouts. The missing person's name was Tara Grinstead. She was a 30 year-old teacher who disappeared from her home in Georgia back in 2005.

There has now been a break in the case and a suspect has been arrested. Apparently I was accurate on many details.

During my reading I stated that the victim was deceased, that it was murder, and that her murder was connected to several inappropriate relationships she was having with male students. I sensed that two men where involved, one who actually killed her, and a second man who helped dispose of the body. I picked up on the name Alexander. I wrote that it was my belief that after Tara broke off the sexual relationship she was having with one of her students that he became obsessed with her. I felt he began to spy on her. I also sensed that he found out, or had reason to believe, that she was having a sexual relationship with another male student and this sent him over the edge and he killed her. He then had help disposing of her body.

After giving the reading, which was public, mind you, I began to be attacked by people who claimed I was spreading slander against the victim and I was accused of blaming the victim for her murder. People believed Tara was a saint and any suggestion otherwise was viewed by many people as a personal attack. In reality, I remain very neutral during readings. I do not give any form of moral judgment as I understand human nature and know what men and women are capable of, of our strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, that we each have a dark, hidden side despite how wholesome and pure our exterior self is.

The man arrested in the murder of Tara Grinstead was a former student. His name is Ryan Alexander Duke. Duke has not been tried yet and we don't know what his story is. However, it would not surprise me in the very least if what I sensed will soon be verified, that he killed her out of jealousy.


In an unrelated case, there was a mysterious and unknown death of a young, attractive gay man. When I heard about the case I made immediate contact with this person's spirit and I reached out to the family to let them know that it was murder and why it happened. I normally would never do such a thing and only wait for people to contact me directly. However, in this case I already knew that that the case would never be solved and I felt that the family need to know this information to find closure. So what happened? Immediately after I posted this fucking jack ass fame-hungry psychic con artist posted to the family not to listen to any person who claimed to be psychic and to only trust him, instead, you know, since he is famous. So now the family is now working with him. It's so freaking sad. I really hope they do not give this idiot any money. He's a fucking joke and is in it just for the fame. I wouldn't even tell the family my real name and just used a screen name and I had to turn them down several times as they wanted to speak to me on the phone and meet me in person. Unlike the con artists, I don't do this for fame. I don't want my name and picture blasted in the media and on t.v. I only want to help families and am not at all interested in making a name for myself. So it really bothers me that the family listened to this scammer. As I said, the strange death of their son will never be officially solved and that's the reason why I reached out to them so that they can have some form of closure.

I've worked on 22 or 23 missing person cases. Believe it or not the very first one I worked on was an International case of a woman who disappeared while walking. The family wanted me to prove that I was the real deal by describing the item that they found at the scene, the only clue let in this woman's abduction. I correctly picked up on that the police found a red, alligator leather purse at the scene of her abduction. The man who contacted me was pretty freaked out because he knew there was no way I could have gotten that information as this happened in another country. He asked me how I knew it was alligator as he didn't know what type of leather it was. I told him I sensed large scales so it had to be alligator but I also told him it was fake alligator leather. He didn't know if it was real or not. All he knew was that it was a red, leather purse. Now, normally being asked to prove my gift really bothers me and can make me angry. This time it didn't and it came right to me.

For the record, I'm more than happy to do readings for missing persons or criminal cases. I do not charge for such at all. They are 100% free. The only deal is that if you want to meet me in person or want me to go to the scene that you have to pay for my airfare, car rental, and room and board. Otherwise, everything can be done over the phone.

Unsolved Mysteries With Dennis Farina - Season 1

The first season of Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina, has been released for free on YouTube. You can watch the entire first season below. Although I prefer the series hosted by Robert Stack, the one with Dennis Farina is also good. I remember as a child of the 80s, that the theme music from the opening of the show always scared the crap out of me! I loved all the UFO, Ghost, and Occult segments. So if you haven't watched the seasons with Dennis Farina then have a go at it below.


Hyacinths are one my favorite Spring bulbs. I love the traditional purple-blue color and they are so fragrant that they literally can be smelled all throughout the home from just one plant. I really like to grow them indoors. Growing Hyacinths indoors is a very old practice, originating in the Victorian age where they were grown in small vases, actually called "Hyacinth vases", just large enough to hold a single bulb. The bulbs do need to go through a cold, dormant period before they will bloom. The good news is that this can easily be achieved in the fridge. When you buy bulbs simply place them in a shallow dish with potting soil and sprinkle just an extremely light amount of water on them. Then place them in the fridge for 1-2 months. You can also place a single bulb in a Hyacinth vase that is filled with water but making sure that the surface of the water does not touch the bulb, lest it begin to rot. Then after 1-2 months just take it out and keep it in a place with indirect sunlight and it should soon begin to grow. 

Hyacinth is traditionally a deep purple-blue in color but can also be found in shades of blue, purple, white, pink, orange, and yellow. 

In Greek Mythology, Hyacinths were named after a youth named Hyacinthus who was loved by both the god Apollo and the god Zephyrus, the god of the West wind. Both gods competed for Hyacinthus' affections but the youth clearly preferred Apollo. Zephyrus, enraged with jealousy, spied the pair playing discuss and when Apollo threw the discuss, Zephyrus blew it, causing it to to strike Hyacinthus in the head with a mortal wound. Apollo ran to his side but was unable to save his life. In his grief, Apollo changed every drop of Hyacinthus' blood into a Hyacinth plant. Zephyrus went unpunished for his crime, as gods often do, and turned his romantic attention to Chloris, the goddess of flowers. The two eventually wed and she bore him many children. Apollo, though considered the ideal of male beauty, was never successful in love.

In reality, the plant that we call Hyacinth today is not the same flower mentioned in the Greek myths but it does bear a close similarity to the flower. 

Due to the same-sex romance associated with the flower from the myth, Hyacinth oil can be used to create gay love-drawing spiritual products. The only drawback is that because the essential oil is unstable that it really can only be purchased as a fragrance oil. 

Note: If you are wanting to try growing a Hyacinth bulb in a Hyacinth vase then just know that sometimes the plant will grow so big that it will tip over and can really get on your nerves by how often you have to fix it. You might need to set it up against something to keep it upright. If you are wanting to purchase a Hyacinth vase then try Amazon and eBay. eBay has a lot of vintage ones, some dating to the 1800s. Just keep in mind that the vintage Hyacinth vases can be quite expensive. If you put the bulbs in the fridge in December you can have Hyacinth flowers by February. I really like them closer to Spring and they seem more of an Easter decoration to me for some reason.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spell To Bind Donald Trump

They are at it again! No-power-having hacks have decided to spread a "binding curse" against Trump that has gone viral online. You can read the curse at the link below:


I really hate how people can be so stupid. Sure, there is strength in numbers but you can't talk about what you are doing. Power shared is power lost. Also, this spell is rather stupid. So you have a picture of Trump as your personal concern. Great. So why in the hell would you use an orange candle? Is the color meant to represent his hair? Makes no sense to me. So it calls for a nail. However it says for the nail to be rubbed up and down the candle. What's that supposed to do? I do love the Tower card from the Tarot. That's probably the best part of this spell. The chant is stupid. This is really a very poor and uninspiring spell. I'm just shaking my head as to why this suddenly became a thing.

I've already written in past blog entries that Trump has power. He has to be very powerful to be a billionaire and to have won the presidency. So if any silly new-age fluff bunny Wiccan or the like thinks that they or their friends are more powerful than him, you might think again. Are you a billionaire? Do you live in a massive skyscraper? I think not. I'm not a Trump supporter at all but I am a realist. This spell is stupid. If Trump harms you specifically then yeah, do your thang on him. However, quit hating just because you don't like what the man says. Do I what I do and turn off the t.v. Choose your battles wisely.

The 4 Laws of the Mage
1. To Know
2. To Will
3. To Dare
4. To Keep Silent




Spring Has Sprung

So we officially have an early Spring in my area. The Flowering Pear trees are in full bloom. Bulbs are blooming. Spring onions are out in full force. Soon the Redbuds will be in bloom. So I guess the prediction on Groundhog Day proved correct. My guess is the reoccurring days of temps in the 80s and 90s have triggered the flora. The day before Valentine's it was 91 here! That's freaking insane! I'm no going to lie. I'm loving this weather. It's just that I'm concerned as to whether or not this is an omen for a very hot Summer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Favorite Night Visions Episodes

Night Visions was a one-season television series similar to The Twilight Zone. It aired in 2001 and was hosted by Henry Rollins. Actor Gary Oldman was originally set to host the show but network executives felt that he was not young enough and relevant enough to draw in viewers. The show ran into some controversy after critics complained that it was far scarier than one would expect for television. Despite it's appeal, a second season was never ordered.

In this episode below are the two stories, The Passenger List, which appears to be a potential inspiration for the Final Destination movie franchise. The second story, titled, The Bokor, is a tale of Voodoo (probably hoodoo). A Bokor is a sorcerer in the religion of Haitian Voodou. My favorite line from it is "A Bokor's lover's heart must be as pure as the sky while the Bokor's heart must remain as black as the earth".

In the episode below, titled Dead Air, a jerk upsets the wrong person. I'm not going to lie, I saw this one on a literal dark and stormy night and I found it to be really good and scary! The second story is titled The Renovation. I'm not a big fan of that story.

In this episode below, the first story is titled, View Through The Window, and concerns a tale of human stupidity and a reminder that the grass isn't greener on the other side. The second story is called, Quiet Please.

In this episode below, a man believes he is cursed in the story titled, Hate Puppet. The second story, titled, Darkness, is a tale of a generational curse, of sorts.

The following episode contains the stories, A Bitter Harvest, a cautionary tale of how you shouldn't mess with the son of a witch as his momma may have taught him a thing or two, and My So Called Life And Death, a ghost story.

The following episode reveals a hidden fear that many men have of women in the story, titled, The Dog House. The second story, titled, Still Life, is a woman who achieves the most creative prison escape.

In this episode a would-be good Samaritan is punished in, Cargo. The second story is titled, Switch. A woman with multiple personalities doesn't quite understand herself as much as she assumes she does.

The following episode contains my favorite story, titled, Patterns. Ever want to experience what it's like to be God? Trust me, you don't! The second story is titled, Voices. A woman's new found hearing may turn out to be a curse instead of a blessing.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Crowhaven Farm (1970)

A couple inherits a farm and moves in, not knowing that its haunted and of its connection to witchcraft.

Bay Cove (1987)

A new family to a small town starts to suspect that their neighbors are witches/warlocks.

Midnight Offerings (1981)

I had to delete this and post it again. The video I chose on YouTube was to wonky and had too many errors in it. So I'm posting it again with a far better copy.

I remember when this aired on t.v. This was one of the first witch movies I saw that started my fascination with the occult. It's a classic "good witch" vs. "bad witch" film, and of course they are fighting over the same guy! I really enjoy this one. It's sort of like the 80's version of "The Craft".

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Coming (1981)

The ancestor of an accuser during the Salem Witch Trials believes she is targeted by the restless spirits of the innocent people wrongfully convicted and hanged as being witches.

Stranger In Our House (1978)

Stranger in our House, a.k.a. Summer of Fear, is a book and a t.v. movie which aired on Halloween night in 1978. It's an interesting old flick. A teenager named Rachel is suspicious of bad things that begin to happen after her cousin Julia comes to stay with her family. Julie, growing up in the Ozarks, knows all about the superstitions in Ozark folk magic. Rachel finds evidence that Julia may be more than merely knowledgeable concerning "old wive's tales". With time, Rachel begins to suspect that Julia is a witch.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Actual YouTube Conversation

Just thought I would post this here for the sure hell of it.

So I was on YouTube tonight and I was watching a video on graveyard dirt. I read one of the comments from a person who asked if he could add herbs to the graveyard dirt to give it power. I replied to him explaining that though you can add herbs if you like but that graveyard dirt would be the most powerful thing in that mixture, more powerful than any herb alone that you may add, because you are working with that spirit, that is if it's gathered correctly. The guy replied back saying "not really" and "the only thing graveyard dirt is good for is to use as a base for herbs". I read the comment, lowered my head, closed my eyes and rubbed my eyes with my fingers while shaking my head from side to side. No further comment from me!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Black And White Cookies

So apparently for Valentine's a secret admirer sent me some Black and White Cookies from NYC. I guess the order was late as it arrived today. I was actually quite excited for getting something but also freaked out after learning it was these cookies as I've always wanted to try them.

To me, the classic half-vanilla, half-chocolate cookies have this awesome retro/vintage look to them. I am reminded of the packaging for the Black and White bleaching cream. Part of it's logo is a circle that is half black and half white, which pretty much looks exactly like these cookies.

I know these cookies are like NYC's most famous cookie and I did have very high expectations. Unfortunately, I only found them to be so-so. They were good just not great. I've heard there is two basic types, one that has fondant icing and one that has cake frosting. I'm told the ones with cake frosting are the best and the larger ones are somehow better tasting than the smaller versions. I think the larger ones are more traditional.

Anyway, the cookie itself is sponge-like but really didn't have a taste. It reminded me of sweet cornbread. The white part of the icing just tasted like sugar but the chocolate part did have a very fudge-like taste to it. If I was forced to pick which side is better then I would have to chose the chocolate side.

I am still holding out hope that I will one day be able to get a traditional, large one while in NYC. In the meantime I am assuming they can be purchased online at multiple websites.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Revisiting The Black Hope Horror & Grave Secrets

I'm currently watching Unsolved Mysteries on Amazon Prime. I love the fact that they are uploading both the classic version with Robert Stack and the newer version with Dennis Farina.

I just finished the segment on The Black Hope Horror. For those who may not have heard of this case it is in fact a real-life version of the movie Poltergeist. Near Crosby, TX, a housing development was built right on top of an old slave cemetery called "Black Hope". Buyers were never told of this. Many of the residents only learned about the horrible truth when paid a strange visit by an old man who warned them never to dig on their property because the houses were built on top of a graveyard.

The segment featured a couple of families who had very strange and tragic experiences. Both families ended up digging up human remains. One did so accidentally and thus seemed to be spared fatalities. The other family purposely set to dig up a body in an attempt to prove that their house was built on a cemetery. That family seemed to have received the complete wrath of the disturbed spirits resulting in the tragic death of the couple's eldest daughter who suffered a major heart attack while in the process of trying to dig up a corpse. She was only in her early 30s. That is almost unheard of for a woman so young to experience a massive heart attack.

Numerous families reported haunting activity. What was commonly reported was electrical disturbances, unexplained cold spots, mysterious plant deaths, sounds of people laughing or talking, objects coming up missing and being found in strange places, and ghostly apparitions of dark-colored shadows and mists in the vague form of a human being. A daughter of one of the family members appeared to have the gift, that is she was a natural spirit medium but failed to realize this. I write this because she complained that when she would flush the toilet she would hear voices talking as the water swirled down the drain. The flushing of the water would produce a noise similar to "white noise" and which could act to help bring out latent psychic abilities.

One of the families featured, the ones who accidentally dug up corpses while digging to create a pool, where so distress and felt so guilty that they reburied the remains on their property out of respect for the dead. The wife would place flowers on their graves and continuously apologized for disturbing them. That couple experienced ghostly voices and had a very touching experience as well. The graves they accidentally disturbed were for a man and his wife. Well, one morning the wife went to put on her red pumps and found them missing. They searched everywhere and couldn't find them. They finally found there whereabouts. They were found sitting on top of the fresh grave they dug for the couple they disturbed. They were sitting right on top of the deceased wife's grave. The woman later discovered that this happened on the actual birth date of the deceased woman and she took it to mean that the deceased man stole the shoes to give to his wife as a birthday present.

There was a lot more to the story that was featured on the Unsolved Mysteries segment. If you are interested I would strongly recommend reading the 1991 book, The Black Hope Horror. I read it and it is a really good, spooky read. Although hoodoo is not referenced directly you know that the people buried at Black Hope had to have known a great deal about it.

This also causes me sadness because a lot of our traditional ways of acting when visiting cemeteries and treating the dead are slowly being lost. Even in the South these traditions are dying. My grandmother recently died and I was just really upset when we went to the cemetery and I saw so many people just walking to and fro on top of peoples' graves. I even saw one teen sitting on a headstone! I don't know how these people were raised but I was raised that you don't walk on peoples' graves because that's disrespectful. I was also raised that if you walked past a grave and saw they had a vase fallen over or something like that that you bend down and put it right. Just small stuff like that. I really wish these basic teachings would continue to be taught and not just die out.

Now, if you can find that segment on Unsolved Mysteries then I would recommend you watch it if you haven't seen it yet. It's a good reminder of the power of the spirits. Most spirits are going to be good-natured because most people are good-natured. However, when people get pissed shit can happen and it's the same when you piss off a spirit. Then you have to worry about those spirits who aren't good-natured and may really want to cause you harm. So many young people today simply remain oblivious to this stuff.

To purchase the book, click the following link:


In 1992 a movie based on these incidents was released. It was called Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive and stared Patty Duke. You can watch it at the link below:


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bornless Ones (2017)

I watched this movie last night. It's actually a decent horror flick. The movie centers around a woman named Emily who with the help of her friends moves into a new home with her brother, Zack. Zack has a rare medical condition where he is pretty much paralyzed, though it is explained that he can see, hear and understand everything that goes on around him but he cannot respond. Upon arrival at the new home the friends discover strange magical seals inscribed throughout the home as well as a magical grimoire. It turns out the seals are for summoning the demons of the Goetia (The Lesser Key of Solomon). If you enjoy horror movies that have an occult angle then this may be of interest to you.

FYI: The actor who plays Zack (Michael Johnston) also plays Cory on the MTV series, Teen Wolf.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Love Witch (2016)

Fans of 1960-era horror movies should rejoice! There's a movie out called The Love Witch which is a reproduction of 1960s camp horror movies, though set in modern times. The movie deals with a witch who uses love spells to make men love her, despite the consequences. The movie even goes as far as replicating the old technicolor look. The funny thing is that even before I knew anything about it I saw the image of the main character and thought her make-up looked 60s-retro!

I'll see if I can watch this movie this weekend. I'm really interested in the scenes with the actual spell work, such as the burning of figural candles. In the trailer is a scene with a "lovers" candle being burned.

As far as the actual witchcraft in the film goes, it appears to be based on 1960s-era Wicca, though free of the actual Wiccan Rede or Rule of Three, which was common in those days, especially as presented in movies and documentaries.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

More 'Monsters' Episodes

Some more of my favorites.

In this episode, All In A Days Work, a white witch accidentally gets herself into a pickle. She'll need to make a deal with a demon to fix things. Or will summoning the demon make things worse?

This episode, titled, The Bargain, is one of my favorites of the entire series. A "plain Jane" is attracted to a shy man who seemingly is not attracted to her. She fears that its because she isn't beautiful. Fate presents her an opportunity to become beautiful but she will learn the hard way that the grass isn't greener on the other side.

In this episode, titled, Far Below, a nosy accountant sticks his nose where it doesn't belong. I guess he forgot the saying, "curiosity killed the cat".

For this next episode, titled, Leavings, there really isn't much to say. People are showing up with missing body parts. What's going on?

The episode titled, A Face For Radio, is a weird one. A woman, singer Laura Branigan, claims to have a small monster in a cage that eats evil. However, it will only eat an evil person if they consent in advance. Is anyone stupid enough to give consent? Probably so!

In this last episode, titled Jar, a man claims to be selling monsters in jars. All you have to do is release it in the light and it will grow and eat your enemy and then dissolve away into nothing when it's done. Is this a con or is the man for real?

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Negative Reviews On Me Online

This is just a heads up for people. There are negative reviews of me online. They are not made by my clients. They are made by a mentally unstable woman to get revenge on me for turning her case down. If you check the time the reviews were made you will see that they were all made like within minutes of each other, proving they were done by the same person. The accusations against me are completely absurd, that I promised to cure someone of Aids and bull shit about giving a fake tarot reading when I do actual psychic readings.

Intelligent people can read the reviews and realize they are fake. Non-intelligent people believe everything they read, despite how crazy it is and despite the proof of it being fake.

If you don't feel comfortable hiring me or getting a reading then don't. I want intelligent clients as they are the ones who stand a better chance at being successful in life.

So to recap, the negative reviews on me alone are not made by my clients. The were made by one person who never paid me a single dime because I turned her case down. She's mentally ill and to get revenge on me she left these fake negative reviews. There's not much more I can say on this.


IMDb (Internet Movie Database) has announced that they are doing away with their message boards on February 20. They claim that only a "small passionate minority" of its members care for the message boards so to improve the experience of the site they are doing away with it. They are surely deluded. Mark my words, IMDb will quickly go out of business as the message boards are the only reason why people regularly visit the site. It's a great place to catch up on movie and celebrity gossip and discuss movies and actors with friends. Sure, it is plagued with trolls but every message board is. It's a shame that its come to this.


UPDATE: Below is a link for a petition to have IMDb keep it's message boards. The only people I know who regularly visit IMDb do so strictly for the message boards so it would be absurd to do away with them. All of the content on IMDb can be found nearly everywhere else online. The message boards are the only thing that makes IMDb unique. If you enjoy using the message boards on IMDb to discuss movies, t.v. shows, actors and celebrities, then take a minute to sign the petition below and have your voice be heard. 


UPDATE: A few people who claim to be former IMDb employees have commented on reddit that this move was solely done for money. The individuals claim that IMDb was taken over by corporations ages ago and was transformed into a "money by advertisement" machine. IMDb is going to get rid of anything that they can't make money off of. The message boards do not cost any money to maintain but they can not be monetized and so the corporate vampires have decided to kill them. The CEO and other big-wig are allegedly lying by claiming that the majority of members have migrated to their social media pages. All you have to do is actually visit those pages to realize that the content there is a joke with no actual discussions.

The message boards at IMDb is the best features of the site. They are the only thing that separates it from the countless similar websites. IMDb is shooting itself in the foot and is tying a noose around it's head. It will not survive. As far as replacements or alternative sites, I'm on the hunt for such. I found one that may be promising. However, most do not have message boards, forums, and those that do, such as Rotten Tomatoes, make them read only so there is no real discussion. If you locate any alternatives to IMDb, feel free to post links to them in the comment section. 

Here is one possible replacement for IMDb:


Friday, February 3, 2017

Note For People Wanting A Reading

Please realize I can't guarantee a reading on the same day that you contact me. I routinely get multiple emails a week from people who mistakenly believe that readings are immediate. Also, I can not reserve you a spot before you pay. I do not hold spots for anyone and I will only discuss available times after you have paid.

I prefer to only do one reading a day. Some days I simply am not in a psychic mood so since I don't want to give a crappy reading to a client I will not schedule appointments during such times. I do not schedule readings on holidays, during my vacation, if if I have plans for the weekend.

As far as questions go, you can ask me any question you like on any subject. For email readings you get up to 10 questions for $50 or up to 20 questions for $100. For phone readings you get 30 minutes for $50 or 1 hour for $100.

I will answer a few questions on readings. However, there is a limit to the number of questions I will reply to. If you cross that limit I will tell you that you've asked a large number of questions and that you should decide on whether or not you wish to get a reading or not. From my experience, the people who ask a million questions for a simple 30 reading are the people who will not actually pay you. They will waste your time if you let them, so that is why I cut people off if they ask too many questions.

I do psychic readings. I can use tarot upon request. I will not use the crystal ball in a normal reading. If you would like to have a crystal ball reading then they are for 1 hour for $150 or up to 20 questions via email for $150.

If you are wishing to make contact with someone who has passed on then you need to book an appointment for a medium reading. A medium reading is $150 for 30 minutes or $250 for 1 hour. I will not seek to actively communicate with spirits during a normal reading so if this is what you are looking for then please advise me before booking an appointment.

One of the strangest things I am asked is if I can tell someone in advance what information I will give to them. At first I assumed that people just wanted to know how the reading would go. So I would let them know my process. Well, it turned out that I was wrong. They literally want to know everything I will tell them in the reading in advance, thus getting a reading for free. So sorry, I will not do that. If you genuinely are wanting to know how the reading will go then my best advice is to jump in and get a reading. I'm an honest reader and do not beat around the bush or sugar-coat. I will tell you exactly what I pick up on and will be completely honest with you.

Please note that if you interested in hiring me for conjure work that a reading with me is not necessary. You may purchase a reading with me before hiring me if you prefer but I already do my own reading to determine if I can take on your case. This reading is done on my end and you may not ask any questions.

A free consultation does not involve a free reading. They are not the same things. Most people understand that but some people get angry and think that I falsely advertise free readings. If you go have a free consultation with a lawyer does he/she bust out the tarot cards? Of course not. Instead, you talk about your case. That's what a consultation is, to discuss your case and give recommendations.

Another thing I need to mention is that once a reading is done, its done. I do not answer follow-up questions at a later date. When the reading has concluded you will have been told all the information that I picked up on. I do not withhold information from you so there is nothing more for me to ad to it. I simply can not continue lengthy email conversations with you over the details of your reading. I hope you understand.

Finally, I recommend that all my clients wanting to hire me for a reading write down their questions in advance. I also strongly advise clients to take notes during the reading. It is very common for a person to email me asking me to repeat what I told them 2 or 3 years ago. Sorry, but I do not usually remember the details of readings. I don't know if it's just because of time and too many people or if its because I'm in an altered state of consciousness when giving readings but I very quickly forget what I've told clients. So if you keep good notes then you will have a record of the information at your fingertips.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Groundhog Day Prediction

So today is Groundhog Day. Here in OKC, two grizzly bears from the OKC Zoo are used to predict the remaining winter weather. They use a non-traditional method to make their prediction. Normally, or the traditional method, is to use the opposite of the weather for this day or if the animal sees it's shadow or not. So if the animal see it's shadow then it obviously is a sunny and presumably nice day. This would indicate that the remaining 6 weeks of winter will be terrible. Likewise, if the day was cold and cloudy then an early Spring is in store.

Well, here in OKC the two grizzly bears are given a choice of popcorn or nuts as a snack. What they chose is use to make the weather prediction. So for my area the prediction was for an early Spring. I concur. Today's weather was horrible! It was bitterly cold and gray almost all day long. So that's a good sign for an early Spring.

I would strongly urge people to use local animal prognosticators instead of using famous ones, such as Punxsutawne Phil. It's important to keep local traditions alive. Besides, the weather is vastly different for different parts of the U.S. So one part may get 6 more weeks of Winter and another part may get an early Spring.

I remember when I was a kid here in OKC we used prairie dogs from the OKC Zoo to make the prediction. I much prefer prairie dogs over the grizzly bears.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Candlemas/Groundhog Day

Tonight is Candlemas Eve, with tomorrow (February 2) being Candlemas. Candlemas is a Christian feast day celebrating the presentation of baby Jesus at the temple. The day gets it's name from the fact that candles used in the church throughout the rest of the year were blessed by having a mass said over them, thus "candle mass" became Candlemas.

Because most practitioners of hoodoo were Baptist, Candlemas is better known and celebrated as Groundhog Day. Whether your celebrate it as Candlemas or Groundhog Day makes no difference as much of the same lore for the holiday has survived. The lore in question revolves around the remaining winter weather.

Candlemas marks the time of midwinter, the half-way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is widely believed that the weather on Candlemas/Groundhog Day can predict what the rest of the Winter will be like. Basically, it's the opposite of what you would expect. If February 2 is a gorgeous day with much sunshine and warm temperatures then the remaining winter weather will be severe. If the day is cold, windy and gray, then we are likely to experience an early Spring and be blessed with warm, wonderful weather.

So how did the groundhog get caught up in this? Well, the lore about an animal predicting the remaining winter weather is a German custom. Germans used to believe that badgers can predict the remaining winter weather. German immigrants to the U.S. chose a groundhog as a replacement for the badger. So if a groundhog sees it's shadow and is frightened then there will be 6 more weeks of bad weather. If he does not see his shadow then warm weather is in store. This mirrors the whole "reverse" thing as the only way that the groundhog can see his shadow is if the sun is shining.

There are other superstitions relating to Candlemas that people may not be aware of. First, it is considered unlucky to bring the flower called Snowdrops into the home before Candlemas, as Candlemas is viewed as the unofficial start of Spring. Second, if a lit candle in a church begins to form wax "tears" then the candle is weeping because a member will die before the year is out.

Another interesting bit of superstition is that people believed candles lit on Candlemas Eve would frighten evil spirits away and promote good luck for the rest of the year.

The Polish also honored Mary during this time. According to legend, the Blessed Mother had a magic candle called "the thunder candle" that she used to frighten away wolves and to protect people during Candlemas.

Wiccans and Neopagans call this holiday Imbolk, a day that was sacred to the Celtic goddess Brigid. The Pagans also held much weather-related superstition on this day as well.

Finally, Candlemas is the official end to the Christmas season. Any decorations that have been left up must be now taken down.

Since February gets its name from the Latin "Februarius", meaning "to purify", then this is a good time to perform cleansings/uncrossings of the home and self. It's also a good time for candle magic in general.

Wishing All My Readers A Wonderful Candlemas/Groundhog Day And May Fair Weather Abound!