Friday, February 17, 2017

Actual YouTube Conversation

Just thought I would post this here for the sure hell of it.

So I was on YouTube tonight and I was watching a video on graveyard dirt. I read one of the comments from a person who asked if he could add herbs to the graveyard dirt to give it power. I replied to him explaining that though you can add herbs if you like but that graveyard dirt would be the most powerful thing in that mixture, more powerful than any herb alone that you may add, because you are working with that spirit, that is if it's gathered correctly. The guy replied back saying "not really" and "the only thing graveyard dirt is good for is to use as a base for herbs". I read the comment, lowered my head, closed my eyes and rubbed my eyes with my fingers while shaking my head from side to side. No further comment from me!


  1. It's really frustrating when you see the tradition being diluted. I see comments on Facebook and YouTube often about substituting the judeo Christian God and saints with pagan deities while dong rootwork and the internet community seems so relaxed about that. And then you have these YouTube stars who are quickly influencing where the tradition is going like never before. Theres one lady that seemed to have sprung up overnight with an army of followers and her tutorials seem so quick and clinical. You probably know who I'm talking about. I just sense that something's not right and a lack of genuine power and care. Whatever. At the beginning of the year I realized that you have to continue to do you, and say the Serenity prayer. -Andre

    1. Wel, I don't know what "tradition" this person comes from but its obviously not hoodoo and more than likely they are just doing their own thing and subscribe to quaint notions of being "witches" with a fake back-history of their family being witches dating back numerous generations. All lies and delusions of course. Few of these types make good students as they are all convinced in their own latent superiority and of them owning the title and deed for the term "witch". This person that I blogged on above replied to me stating that he had no need to work with spirits as he has his own power. He sure does. However, he fails to realize that so does everyone else.

  2. Yes it's the same logic I tell people who get so fired up about trump and create their trump doll babies, and thank you for that blog post. It's more effective for people to learn from trumps work ethic and positive thinking when it comes to business and apply that to their own endeavors.

    -Andre, and I don't know why google keeps putting me under unknown.