Thursday, February 16, 2017

Black And White Cookies

So apparently for Valentine's a secret admirer sent me some Black and White Cookies from NYC. I guess the order was late as it arrived today. I was actually quite excited for getting something but also freaked out after learning it was these cookies as I've always wanted to try them.

To me, the classic half-vanilla, half-chocolate cookies have this awesome retro/vintage look to them. I am reminded of the packaging for the Black and White bleaching cream. Part of it's logo is a circle that is half black and half white, which pretty much looks exactly like these cookies.

I know these cookies are like NYC's most famous cookie and I did have very high expectations. Unfortunately, I only found them to be so-so. They were good just not great. I've heard there is two basic types, one that has fondant icing and one that has cake frosting. I'm told the ones with cake frosting are the best and the larger ones are somehow better tasting than the smaller versions. I think the larger ones are more traditional.

Anyway, the cookie itself is sponge-like but really didn't have a taste. It reminded me of sweet cornbread. The white part of the icing just tasted like sugar but the chocolate part did have a very fudge-like taste to it. If I was forced to pick which side is better then I would have to chose the chocolate side.

I am still holding out hope that I will one day be able to get a traditional, large one while in NYC. In the meantime I am assuming they can be purchased online at multiple websites.

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  1. This brings back memories, I'd used to watch this on "Unwrapped" by Marc Summers in Food Network.