Thursday, February 2, 2017

Groundhog Day Prediction

So today is Groundhog Day. Here in OKC, two grizzly bears from the OKC Zoo are used to predict the remaining winter weather. They use a non-traditional method to make their prediction. Normally, or the traditional method, is to use the opposite of the weather for this day or if the animal sees it's shadow or not. So if the animal see it's shadow then it obviously is a sunny and presumably nice day. This would indicate that the remaining 6 weeks of winter will be terrible. Likewise, if the day was cold and cloudy then an early Spring is in store.

Well, here in OKC the two grizzly bears are given a choice of popcorn or nuts as a snack. What they chose is use to make the weather prediction. So for my area the prediction was for an early Spring. I concur. Today's weather was horrible! It was bitterly cold and gray almost all day long. So that's a good sign for an early Spring.

I would strongly urge people to use local animal prognosticators instead of using famous ones, such as Punxsutawne Phil. It's important to keep local traditions alive. Besides, the weather is vastly different for different parts of the U.S. So one part may get 6 more weeks of Winter and another part may get an early Spring.

I remember when I was a kid here in OKC we used prairie dogs from the OKC Zoo to make the prediction. I much prefer prairie dogs over the grizzly bears.

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