Saturday, February 25, 2017


Hyacinths are one my favorite Spring bulbs. I love the traditional purple-blue color and they are so fragrant that they literally can be smelled all throughout the home from just one plant. I really like to grow them indoors. Growing Hyacinths indoors is a very old practice, originating in the Victorian age where they were grown in small vases, actually called "Hyacinth vases", just large enough to hold a single bulb. The bulbs do need to go through a cold, dormant period before they will bloom. The good news is that this can easily be achieved in the fridge. When you buy bulbs simply place them in a shallow dish with potting soil and sprinkle just an extremely light amount of water on them. Then place them in the fridge for 1-2 months. You can also place a single bulb in a Hyacinth vase that is filled with water but making sure that the surface of the water does not touch the bulb, lest it begin to rot. Then after 1-2 months just take it out and keep it in a place with indirect sunlight and it should soon begin to grow. 

Hyacinth is traditionally a deep purple-blue in color but can also be found in shades of blue, purple, white, pink, orange, and yellow. 

In Greek Mythology, Hyacinths were named after a youth named Hyacinthus who was loved by both the god Apollo and the god Zephyrus, the god of the West wind. Both gods competed for Hyacinthus' affections but the youth clearly preferred Apollo. Zephyrus, enraged with jealousy, spied the pair playing discuss and when Apollo threw the discuss, Zephyrus blew it, causing it to to strike Hyacinthus in the head with a mortal wound. Apollo ran to his side but was unable to save his life. In his grief, Apollo changed every drop of Hyacinthus' blood into a Hyacinth plant. Zephyrus went unpunished for his crime, as gods often do, and turned his romantic attention to Chloris, the goddess of flowers. The two eventually wed and she bore him many children. Apollo, though considered the ideal of male beauty, was never successful in love.

In reality, the plant that we call Hyacinth today is not the same flower mentioned in the Greek myths but it does bear a close similarity to the flower. 

Due to the same-sex romance associated with the flower from the myth, Hyacinth oil can be used to create gay love-drawing spiritual products. The only drawback is that because the essential oil is unstable that it really can only be purchased as a fragrance oil. 

Note: If you are wanting to try growing a Hyacinth bulb in a Hyacinth vase then just know that sometimes the plant will grow so big that it will tip over and can really get on your nerves by how often you have to fix it. You might need to set it up against something to keep it upright. If you are wanting to purchase a Hyacinth vase then try Amazon and eBay. eBay has a lot of vintage ones, some dating to the 1800s. Just keep in mind that the vintage Hyacinth vases can be quite expensive. If you put the bulbs in the fridge in December you can have Hyacinth flowers by February. I really like them closer to Spring and they seem more of an Easter decoration to me for some reason.

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