Sunday, February 5, 2017

More 'Monsters' Episodes

Some more of my favorites.

In this episode, All In A Days Work, a white witch accidentally gets herself into a pickle. She'll need to make a deal with a demon to fix things. Or will summoning the demon make things worse?

This episode, titled, The Bargain, is one of my favorites of the entire series. A "plain Jane" is attracted to a shy man who seemingly is not attracted to her. She fears that its because she isn't beautiful. Fate presents her an opportunity to become beautiful but she will learn the hard way that the grass isn't greener on the other side.

In this episode, titled, Far Below, a nosy accountant sticks his nose where it doesn't belong. I guess he forgot the saying, "curiosity killed the cat".

For this next episode, titled, Leavings, there really isn't much to say. People are showing up with missing body parts. What's going on?

The episode titled, A Face For Radio, is a weird one. A woman, singer Laura Branigan, claims to have a small monster in a cage that eats evil. However, it will only eat an evil person if they consent in advance. Is anyone stupid enough to give consent? Probably so!

In this last episode, titled Jar, a man claims to be selling monsters in jars. All you have to do is release it in the light and it will grow and eat your enemy and then dissolve away into nothing when it's done. Is this a con or is the man for real?

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