Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Favorite Night Visions Episodes

Night Visions was a one-season television series similar to The Twilight Zone. It aired in 2001 and was hosted by Henry Rollins. Actor Gary Oldman was originally set to host the show but network executives felt that he was not young enough and relevant enough to draw in viewers. The show ran into some controversy after critics complained that it was far scarier than one would expect for television. Despite it's appeal, a second season was never ordered.

In this episode below are the two stories, The Passenger List, which appears to be a potential inspiration for the Final Destination movie franchise. The second story, titled, The Bokor, is a tale of Voodoo (probably hoodoo). A Bokor is a sorcerer in the religion of Haitian Voodou. My favorite line from it is "A Bokor's lover's heart must be as pure as the sky while the Bokor's heart must remain as black as the earth".

In the episode below, titled Dead Air, a jerk upsets the wrong person. I'm not going to lie, I saw this one on a literal dark and stormy night and I found it to be really good and scary! The second story is titled The Renovation. I'm not a big fan of that story.

In this episode below, the first story is titled, View Through The Window, and concerns a tale of human stupidity and a reminder that the grass isn't greener on the other side. The second story is called, Quiet Please.

In this episode below, a man believes he is cursed in the story titled, Hate Puppet. The second story, titled, Darkness, is a tale of a generational curse, of sorts.

The following episode contains the stories, A Bitter Harvest, a cautionary tale of how you shouldn't mess with the son of a witch as his momma may have taught him a thing or two, and My So Called Life And Death, a ghost story.

The following episode reveals a hidden fear that many men have of women in the story, titled, The Dog House. The second story, titled, Still Life, is a woman who achieves the most creative prison escape.

In this episode a would-be good Samaritan is punished in, Cargo. The second story is titled, Switch. A woman with multiple personalities doesn't quite understand herself as much as she assumes she does.

The following episode contains my favorite story, titled, Patterns. Ever want to experience what it's like to be God? Trust me, you don't! The second story is titled, Voices. A woman's new found hearing may turn out to be a curse instead of a blessing.

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