Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Psychic Detective Readings

So, back in 2005 I used to be a member of a website that gave free readings to people. During my stay there I was approached by a person who claimed to be the friend of a family of a missing woman. The woman asked me to see if I could pick up on any information as to her whereabouts. The missing person's name was Tara Grinstead. She was a 30 year-old teacher who disappeared from her home in Georgia back in 2005.

There has now been a break in the case and a suspect has been arrested. Apparently I was accurate on many details.

During my reading I stated that the victim was deceased, that it was murder, and that her murder was connected to several inappropriate relationships she was having with male students. I sensed that two men where involved, one who actually killed her, and a second man who helped dispose of the body. I picked up on the name Alexander. I wrote that it was my belief that after Tara broke off the sexual relationship she was having with one of her students that he became obsessed with her. I felt he began to spy on her. I also sensed that he found out, or had reason to believe, that she was having a sexual relationship with another male student and this sent him over the edge and he killed her. He then had help disposing of her body.

After giving the reading, which was public, mind you, I began to be attacked by people who claimed I was spreading slander against the victim and I was accused of blaming the victim for her murder. People believed Tara was a saint and any suggestion otherwise was viewed by many people as a personal attack. In reality, I remain very neutral during readings. I do not give any form of moral judgment as I understand human nature and know what men and women are capable of, of our strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, that we each have a dark, hidden side despite how wholesome and pure our exterior self is.

The man arrested in the murder of Tara Grinstead was a former student. His name is Ryan Alexander Duke. Duke has not been tried yet and we don't know what his story is. However, it would not surprise me in the very least if what I sensed will soon be verified, that he killed her out of jealousy.

In an unrelated case, there was a mysterious and unknown death of a young, attractive gay man. When I heard about the case I made immediate contact with this person's spirit and I reached out to the family to let them know that it was murder and why it happened. I normally would never do such a thing and only wait for people to contact me directly. However, in this case I already knew that that the case would never be solved and I felt that the family need to know this information to find closure. So what happened? Immediately after I posted this fucking jack ass fame-hungry psychic con artist posted to the family not to listen to any person who claimed to be psychic and to only trust him, instead, you know, since he is famous. So now the family is now working with him. It's so freaking sad. I really hope they do not give this idiot any money. He's a fucking joke and is in it just for the fame. I wouldn't even tell the family my real name and just used a screen name and I had to turn them down several times as they wanted to speak to me on the phone and meet me in person. Unlike the con artists, I don't do this for fame. I don't want my name and picture blasted in the media and on t.v. I only want to help families and am not at all interested in making a name for myself. So it really bothers me that the family listened to this scammer. As I said, the strange death of their son will never be officially solved and that's the reason why I reached out to them so that they can have some form of closure.

I've worked on 22 or 23 missing person cases. Believe it or not the very first one I worked on was an International case of a woman who disappeared while walking. The family wanted me to prove that I was the real deal by describing the item that they found at the scene, the only clue let in this woman's abduction. I correctly picked up on that the police found a red, alligator leather purse at the scene of her abduction. The man who contacted me was pretty freaked out because he knew there was no way I could have gotten that information as this happened in another country. He asked me how I knew it was alligator as he didn't know what type of leather it was. I told him I sensed large scales so it had to be alligator but I also told him it was fake alligator leather. He didn't know if it was real or not. All he knew was that it was a red, leather purse. Now, normally being asked to prove my gift really bothers me and can make me angry. This time it didn't and it came right to me.

For the record, I'm more than happy to do readings for missing persons or criminal cases. I do not charge for such at all. They are 100% free. The only deal is that if you want to meet me in person or want me to go to the scene that you have to pay for my airfare, car rental, and room and board. Otherwise, everything can be done over the phone.

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