Friday, February 3, 2017

Note For People Wanting A Reading

Please realize I can't guarantee a reading on the same day that you contact me. I routinely get multiple emails a week from people who mistakenly believe that readings are immediate. Also, I can not reserve you a spot before you pay. I do not hold spots for anyone and I will only discuss available times after you have paid.

I prefer to only do one reading a day. Some days I simply am not in a psychic mood so since I don't want to give a crappy reading to a client I will not schedule appointments during such times. I do not schedule readings on holidays, during my vacation, if if I have plans for the weekend.

As far as questions go, you can ask me any question you like on any subject. For email readings you get up to 10 questions for $50 or up to 20 questions for $100. For phone readings you get 30 minutes for $50 or 1 hour for $100.

I will answer a few questions on readings. However, there is a limit to the number of questions I will reply to. If you cross that limit I will tell you that you've asked a large number of questions and that you should decide on whether or not you wish to get a reading or not. From my experience, the people who ask a million questions for a simple 30 reading are the people who will not actually pay you. They will waste your time if you let them, so that is why I cut people off if they ask too many questions.

I do psychic readings. I can use tarot upon request. I will not use the crystal ball in a normal reading. If you would like to have a crystal ball reading then they are for 1 hour for $150 or up to 20 questions via email for $150.

If you are wishing to make contact with someone who has passed on then you need to book an appointment for a medium reading. A medium reading is $150 for 30 minutes or $250 for 1 hour. I will not seek to actively communicate with spirits during a normal reading so if this is what you are looking for then please advise me before booking an appointment.

One of the strangest things I am asked is if I can tell someone in advance what information I will give to them. At first I assumed that people just wanted to know how the reading would go. So I would let them know my process. Well, it turned out that I was wrong. They literally want to know everything I will tell them in the reading in advance, thus getting a reading for free. So sorry, I will not do that. If you genuinely are wanting to know how the reading will go then my best advice is to jump in and get a reading. I'm an honest reader and do not beat around the bush or sugar-coat. I will tell you exactly what I pick up on and will be completely honest with you.

Please note that if you interested in hiring me for conjure work that a reading with me is not necessary. You may purchase a reading with me before hiring me if you prefer but I already do my own reading to determine if I can take on your case. This reading is done on my end and you may not ask any questions.

A free consultation does not involve a free reading. They are not the same things. Most people understand that but some people get angry and think that I falsely advertise free readings. If you go have a free consultation with a lawyer does he/she bust out the tarot cards? Of course not. Instead, you talk about your case. That's what a consultation is, to discuss your case and give recommendations.

Another thing I need to mention is that once a reading is done, its done. I do not answer follow-up questions at a later date. When the reading has concluded you will have been told all the information that I picked up on. I do not withhold information from you so there is nothing more for me to ad to it. I simply can not continue lengthy email conversations with you over the details of your reading. I hope you understand.

Finally, I recommend that all my clients wanting to hire me for a reading write down their questions in advance. I also strongly advise clients to take notes during the reading. It is very common for a person to email me asking me to repeat what I told them 2 or 3 years ago. Sorry, but I do not usually remember the details of readings. I don't know if it's just because of time and too many people or if its because I'm in an altered state of consciousness when giving readings but I very quickly forget what I've told clients. So if you keep good notes then you will have a record of the information at your fingertips.

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