Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Revisiting The Black Hope Horror & Grave Secrets

I'm currently watching Unsolved Mysteries on Amazon Prime. I love the fact that they are uploading both the classic version with Robert Stack and the newer version with Dennis Farina.

I just finished the segment on The Black Hope Horror. For those who may not have heard of this case it is in fact a real-life version of the movie Poltergeist. Near Crosby, TX, a housing development was built right on top of an old slave cemetery called "Black Hope". Buyers were never told of this. Many of the residents only learned about the horrible truth when paid a strange visit by an old man who warned them never to dig on their property because the houses were built on top of a graveyard.

The segment featured a couple of families who had very strange and tragic experiences. Both families ended up digging up human remains. One did so accidentally and thus seemed to be spared fatalities. The other family purposely set to dig up a body in an attempt to prove that their house was built on a cemetery. That family seemed to have received the complete wrath of the disturbed spirits resulting in the tragic death of the couple's eldest daughter who suffered a major heart attack while in the process of trying to dig up a corpse. She was only in her early 30s. That is almost unheard of for a woman so young to experience a massive heart attack.

Numerous families reported haunting activity. What was commonly reported was electrical disturbances, unexplained cold spots, mysterious plant deaths, sounds of people laughing or talking, objects coming up missing and being found in strange places, and ghostly apparitions of dark-colored shadows and mists in the vague form of a human being. A daughter of one of the family members appeared to have the gift, that is she was a natural spirit medium but failed to realize this. I write this because she complained that when she would flush the toilet she would hear voices talking as the water swirled down the drain. The flushing of the water would produce a noise similar to "white noise" and which could act to help bring out latent psychic abilities.

One of the families featured, the ones who accidentally dug up corpses while digging to create a pool, where so distress and felt so guilty that they reburied the remains on their property out of respect for the dead. The wife would place flowers on their graves and continuously apologized for disturbing them. That couple experienced ghostly voices and had a very touching experience as well. The graves they accidentally disturbed were for a man and his wife. Well, one morning the wife went to put on her red pumps and found them missing. They searched everywhere and couldn't find them. They finally found there whereabouts. They were found sitting on top of the fresh grave they dug for the couple they disturbed. They were sitting right on top of the deceased wife's grave. The woman later discovered that this happened on the actual birth date of the deceased woman and she took it to mean that the deceased man stole the shoes to give to his wife as a birthday present.

There was a lot more to the story that was featured on the Unsolved Mysteries segment. If you are interested I would strongly recommend reading the 1991 book, The Black Hope Horror. I read it and it is a really good, spooky read. Although hoodoo is not referenced directly you know that the people buried at Black Hope had to have known a great deal about it.

This also causes me sadness because a lot of our traditional ways of acting when visiting cemeteries and treating the dead are slowly being lost. Even in the South these traditions are dying. My grandmother recently died and I was just really upset when we went to the cemetery and I saw so many people just walking to and fro on top of peoples' graves. I even saw one teen sitting on a headstone! I don't know how these people were raised but I was raised that you don't walk on peoples' graves because that's disrespectful. I was also raised that if you walked past a grave and saw they had a vase fallen over or something like that that you bend down and put it right. Just small stuff like that. I really wish these basic teachings would continue to be taught and not just die out.

Now, if you can find that segment on Unsolved Mysteries then I would recommend you watch it if you haven't seen it yet. It's a good reminder of the power of the spirits. Most spirits are going to be good-natured because most people are good-natured. However, when people get pissed shit can happen and it's the same when you piss off a spirit. Then you have to worry about those spirits who aren't good-natured and may really want to cause you harm. So many young people today simply remain oblivious to this stuff.

To purchase the book, click the following link:

In 1992 a movie based on these incidents was released. It was called Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive and stared Patty Duke. You can watch it at the link below:


  1. Is it part of the new unsolved mysteries with Dennis Farina? Or the classic? And which episode?

    1. It's featured in both versions. On the Unsolved Mysteries Wiki site it says it aired on July 17, 2002, which made it the 22nd episode of season 13. In the Dennis Farina version it's either in season 1 or season 2, sorry don't recall the exact episode.