Saturday, February 4, 2017


IMDb (Internet Movie Database) has announced that they are doing away with their message boards on February 20. They claim that only a "small passionate minority" of its members care for the message boards so to improve the experience of the site they are doing away with it. They are surely deluded. Mark my words, IMDb will quickly go out of business as the message boards are the only reason why people regularly visit the site. It's a great place to catch up on movie and celebrity gossip and discuss movies and actors with friends. Sure, it is plagued with trolls but every message board is. It's a shame that its come to this. 

UPDATE: Below is a link for a petition to have IMDb keep it's message boards. The only people I know who regularly visit IMDb do so strictly for the message boards so it would be absurd to do away with them. All of the content on IMDb can be found nearly everywhere else online. The message boards are the only thing that makes IMDb unique. If you enjoy using the message boards on IMDb to discuss movies, t.v. shows, actors and celebrities, then take a minute to sign the petition below and have your voice be heard.

UPDATE: A few people who claim to be former IMDb employees have commented on reddit that this move was solely done for money. The individuals claim that IMDb was taken over by corporations ages ago and was transformed into a "money by advertisement" machine. IMDb is going to get rid of anything that they can't make money off of. The message boards do not cost any money to maintain but they can not be monetized and so the corporate vampires have decided to kill them. The CEO and other big-wig are allegedly lying by claiming that the majority of members have migrated to their social media pages. All you have to do is actually visit those pages to realize that the content there is a joke with no actual discussions.

The message boards at IMDb is the best features of the site. They are the only thing that separates it from the countless similar websites. IMDb is shooting itself in the foot and is tying a noose around it's head. It will not survive. As far as replacements or alternative sites, I'm on the hunt for such. I found one that may be promising. However, most do not have message boards, forums, and those that do, such as Rotten Tomatoes, make them read only so there is no real discussion. If you locate any alternatives to IMDb, feel free to post links to them in the comment section. 

Here is one possible replacement for IMDb:

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  1. It's shameful, though I like how many members are voicing their opinions through the message boards, through this brought forth diverse perspectives. Now that's gone, I highly doubt the message boards are going to be brought back. BTW, I could not more agree with your update, we're in a world where wealth is the main virtue Doc.