Friday, February 24, 2017

Spell To Bind Donald Trump

They are at it again! No-power-having hacks have decided to spread a "binding curse" against Trump that has gone viral online. You can read the curse at the link below:

I really hate how people can be so stupid. Sure, there is strength in numbers but you can't talk about what you are doing. Power shared is power lost. Also, this spell is rather stupid. So you have a picture of Trump as your personal concern. Great. So why in the hell would you use an orange candle? Is the color meant to represent his hair? Makes no sense to me. So it calls for a nail. However it says for the nail to be rubbed up and down the candle. What's that supposed to do? I do love the Tower card from the Tarot. That's probably the best part of this spell. The chant is stupid. This is really a very poor and uninspiring spell. I'm just shaking my head as to why this suddenly became a thing.

I've already written in past blog entries that Trump has power. He has to be very powerful to be a billionaire and to have won the presidency. So if any silly new-age fluff bunny Wiccan or the like thinks that they or their friends are more powerful than him, you might think again. Are you a billionaire? Do you live in a massive skyscraper? I think not. I'm not a Trump supporter at all but I am a realist. This spell is stupid. If Trump harms you specifically then yeah, do your thang on him. However, quit hating just because you don't like what the man says. Do I what I do and turn off the t.v. Choose your battles wisely.

The 4 Laws of the Mage
1. To Know
2. To Will
3. To Dare
4. To Keep Silent

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