Monday, February 27, 2017

The Disappearance Of Deorr Kunz, Jr.

On July 10, 2015, a two-year old boy named Deorr Kunz, Jr., disappeared while camping with his family. The story of the parents is that they left Deorr behind with the 76 year-old great-grandfather in order to go fishing. They were only allegedly gone for 20 minutes. When the parents returned and asked where their son was, the grandfather stated that he thought the boy was with them as he saw the boy walk toward the father before they left. An extensive hunt by authorities failed to uncover any trace of the boy and his whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

That was the story. Now here is some information that causes many to speculate about what happened to Deorr.

-The first PI working on the case quit, citing that the parents were being less-than-honest with him and stated that he had told them in advance that if he felt like they were lying then he would quit the case.

-The second PI working on the case was fired by the family after he told the family that he believed they were lying. Among the allegations made by the second PI is that the mother had told him that she knows where the body of her boy is located but refuses to divulge where that location is.

-The parents failed 5 lie detector tests. The parents claimed that their emotional distress after losing their boy caused them to fail the tests.

-Item such as toy cars and a jacket similar to the one Deorr was wearing or had on him at the time of his disappearance, items that the parents claimed were missing as well, were discovered at a local landfill. The items were discarded after the parents were evicted from their home.

-Police have gone on record stating that none of the 4 adults at the scene of his disappearance can be cleared as suspects.

-A few months after the disappearance the father moved out of state.

-Eight months after the disappearance the mother married another man.

-The mother had previously lost custody of her first two children over allegations of abuse.

-The mother has now publicly stated that its possible that the father could have been responsible for Deorr's disappearance.

What happened to Deorr Kunz, Jr.?

I'm not in any way, shape, or form, actually working on this case as a psychic. However, that doesn't stop me from sensing things.

I will be short and to the point. I sense that this poor boy was accidentally run over. I believe the boy died as a result of his injuries. I sense that this story of his disappearance was concocted in order to prevent charges being filed. I also sense that pot or alcohol was involved in this somehow, that maybe the driver was intoxicated to some degree. As to where the boy is, I see dirt, as in large piles. I see large equipment that you would find at a construction site. I smell trash and a strong odor that is similar to the chemical they put in natural gas to make it stink. I don't sense his remains are at the campground because I don't sense him ever going there. This happened somewhere else, before this camping trip, and his body was transported to where it was dumped. I do sense that the location where his remains are is a place that has some connection to the father's work. I do sense the family is lying and is acting to protect the parents. The only way this case is going to be solved is if one of the family members breaks down and comes forward with what they know, or the remains are discovered.

Again, this is not a case I'm working. This is just impressions I get from this case.

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  1. I felt that he ran over also. I saw tire marks across his face.