Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Love Witch (2016)

Fans of 1960-era horror movies should rejoice! There's a movie out called The Love Witch which is a reproduction of 1960s camp horror movies, though set in modern times. The movie deals with a witch who uses love spells to make men love her, despite the consequences. The movie even goes as far as replicating the old technicolor look. The funny thing is that even before I knew anything about it I saw the image of the main character and thought her make-up looked 60s-retro!

I'll see if I can watch this movie this weekend. I'm really interested in the scenes with the actual spell work, such as the burning of figural candles. In the trailer is a scene with a "lovers" candle being burned.

As far as the actual witchcraft in the film goes, it appears to be based on 1960s-era Wicca, though free of the actual Wiccan Rede or Rule of Three, which was common in those days, especially as presented in movies and documentaries.

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  1. I saw the film and thought it was hilarious with it's deadpan humor and sarcasm. I also enjoyed seeing her workings such as creating a jar with lavender and urine lol. The movie is a visual feast. The color's and cinematography are a nice treat. -Andre