Saturday, February 25, 2017

Unsolved Mysteries With Dennis Farina - Season 1

The first season of Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina, has been released for free on YouTube. You can watch the entire first season below. Although I prefer the series hosted by Robert Stack, the one with Dennis Farina is also good. I remember as a child of the 80s, that the theme music from the opening of the show always scared the crap out of me! I loved all the UFO, Ghost, and Occult segments. So if you haven't watched the seasons with Dennis Farina then have a go at it below.


  1. Hi Doc Conjure, I think it's cool that you're a fan of Unsolved Mysteries. Just so you know, the classic UM with Stack is now available on Amazon Prime (Season 1 and 2).

    Since you mentioned UM, did you hear of the case of Kurt McFall? He was a young teen in Northern California who died under strange circumstances. Allegedly, he was killed by a Pagan cult back in the 80's. Though, some say it's just a bunch of Satanic panic. It was featured on UM.

    1. Yes, I am going to watch all the seasons of Dennis Farina before moving back to the Robert Stack ones.

      As far as Kurt McFall, yes, I remember that case. I don't think his death has anything to do with Satanism and more had to do with him scorning the sexual advances of the perv cult leader.

    2. Christopher, do you remember the episode with Ann Sigmin? She and her lover allegedly killed her husband and she was accused of being a satanic witch, with the accusations being that she put a voodoo doll on his pillow and that he allegedly caught her in the shed with candles around a poster of a Baphomet.

  2. I do concur with your thoughts on the McFall case. I detect major shade from Caradoc/Gabriel Carillo.

    Yes, I remember Ann Sigmin case. IMO, she was an unstable woman. The producers of UM went wild with the satanic panic angle.