Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bastiana's Crystal Ball Reading

I received this email today, from a beautiful, young woman named Bastiana (fake name for anonymity). Bastiana hired me for a crystal ball reading. This is what she has to say about her experience.

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Thank you so much for the best reading I have ever had! I have had readings in the past from other people( who by the way charge crazy amounts), and this one just blew them all out of the water. You are truly gifted and I thank you for taking your time with me ! I look forward to working with you again, I will be recommending you to everyone ! You picked up on things that were so accurate and specific, that others have failed to pick up on ! I felt so positive after the reading that I knew in my heart that you were the right person to work with! I will be back! Can't wait to write an update !

Thanks ,


Oh side note ... I attached the painting I am currently working on... since you also paint ! It's still a work in progress... but it will get done!

So take a look at the picture of the painting Bastiana is currently working on. I think it's fantastic! She definitely has talent!

I really enjoyed reading for Bastiana. Her energy was so open and honest that I was able to make a really good connection with her. Funny thing here, she hired me for a crystal ball reading and that's how it started out. However, when I realized how open her energy is, and I do mean like an open book, it just sort of morphed into a classic psychic reading. I apologized for straying away from the crystal ball reading but she said she didn't mind. I would love to read for again in the future. 

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