Sunday, March 19, 2017

Conjuring With My Coffin Nails!

I'm super excited by my latest acquisition, genuine coffin nails! Now, don't get me wrong. I do "make my own" coffin nails, which most practitioners tend to do, or else buy from other practitioners who make their own. Its perfectly fine to create your coffin nails. If done correctly, making your own can create very powerful tools for use in conjure work. However, if you can get access to genuine coffin nails, that is nails that were actually hammered into coffins that contained real, deceased bodies of humans, then your conjure work is going to far more powerful.

Rest assured, I did not desecrate a grave to get these. These were obtained in New Orleans. When old cemeteries flood sometimes old coffin nails are washed out where they can then be collected. Depending on where you live, even real human bones, usually small, can be obtained in the same fashion.

What are coffin nails good for? Well, they are ideal for three situations:

1. A genuine coffin nail can be used as a tool to carve candles. A genuine coffin nail, one from a real coffin, will super charge your candle magic. Remember, it's not just good for carving candles for enemy work. It can be used to carve candles for any purpose.

2. A genuine coffin nail can be wrapped in a handkerchief or piece of silk and kept in your pocket in order to protect you, especially from witchcraft and evil conjure work done against you. (This works three ways, nails being made from steel are composed of iron and iron has long been considered to be protective. Also, the connection to the dead allows it to kill evil work done against you. The sharp of the nail also serves to cut or sever evil conjure.)

3. A genuine coffin nail will super charge your enemy work. You can use them in recipes that calls for "9 pins, 9 needles, and 9 nails".

In addition to the above, genuine coffin nails can be used in any manner that one would use a nail for in conjure work, such as to nail down something or prevent from being moved out of a place.

I can not wait until I get to use my new, genuine coffin nails in my conjure work, either for myself or for a client!

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