Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dreams Reveal A Spirit Not At Rest

My grandmother passed away not too long ago. I had been patiently waiting for a dream of her to let me know she was okay. This was a thing that tended to always occur after a loved one died, they would come to me in a dream and then I would feel at peace knowing they were at peace. Unfortunately, it never came.

She was my favorite grandparent. I grew up having three sets of grandparents (Actually I had 3 grandmothers and 4 grandfathers as my mom's parents divorced and they each remarried. However, my mom's mom's second husband died when I was just a small child. The only memory I have of him was of him giving me my first hair cut.)

As a child and in order to make sense of having extra grandparents, I decided to call my grandmothers by the color of their hair. I had yellow grandmother (bleach-blonde hair), orange grandma (red hair), and black grandma (black hair). And yes, I do have a story to tell about "black grandma". I once was out and about with her when I was a small child and I wandered off. I ended up outside maybe a church or some place and I was crying. A nice, older black woman came up to me and asked me if I was okay. I told her I couldn't find my black grandma and so she laughed and told me I had come to the right place. LOL

Well, orange grandmother was the first to pass, not long after her third husband passed. Black grandma died in 2013, years after her husband did in 2006, and yellow grandma passed away this year. She was the last of my grandparents. I was far closer to her because I think our energy was similar. We both loved plants and were just "earthy" people. I remember as a small child that when I first realized that my grandparents would one day die that I literally cried myself to sleep for weeks. It seems like I would always think about it right at bed time and just cry and cry and cry and then I would have to explain to my parents that its because I don't want anybody to die.

When my grandparents died, I did get misty-eyed but I didn't cry. I think I did all my crying as a child. I lived most of my life backwards. I was way more of an adult than a child should be and today I feel more like a child.

Anyway, after each loved one passed they would come to me in a dream and I would know they are okay and then I would stop worrying. When my grandfather passed in 2006, he came to me and warned me about a car crash. In my dream I heard his voice and he showed me a white car crashing. However, at the time I didn't have a white car. This story will show how dense I can be at times. After my grandfather passed, my grandmother ended up asking me if I would like to purchase their old car. I said sure. It was a white car and yes, I ended up crashing. So my grandfather was trying to warn me about this but I didn't put two and two together until it was too late.

When yellow grandma died I was really super anxious. I assumed she would contact me straight away because I know she loved me. For years she had been paralyzed after having a stroke. When I would visit her she would non-stop kiss my hand and want me to hug her. I thought death would be a liberation for her because I didn't want to see her suffer. I know I would not want to be trapped in a body and not be able to move. That would be torture for me.

My grandmother never came to me in a dream. So finally I called out before bed one night and I asked her if she could hear me to please come to me and let me know she is okay. Not that night, but the next night after I finally had a dream of her. However, it wasn't a nice dream. It was a nightmare. When she appeared in my dream her eyes looked dead. She was walking but she was stumbling around like a zombie. She made these awful noises and with facial distortions as if she was still paralyzed. I woke up and did cry. I knew my grandmother was not at peace.

I kept this dream to myself. About a week later my brother texts me saying he had a nightmare about grandmother. I told him to call me immediately when he got home. He did. Apparently he had a dream where she looked the same but her eyes were dead looking. She was acting mean. My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby. In the nightmare grandma comes up to him and orders him to give her their baby.

I have to then tell my nightmare to my brother. I don't know what's wrong with my grandmother but maybe it's because she was trapped so long in her condition and maybe because her passing was so very quick that she doesn't quite understand that she has passed. I was so hoping that my grandfather would be there to meet her and help her cross over.

I will be holding a prayer session this weekend for her and will light candles and recite scripture in hopes of reaching her and helping her into the light. If any of my readers would like to say a prayer for my grandmother that she may cross over and be at rest then it would be appreciated. Her name is Betty Lou.

Just an FYI: I don't know if my grandma was a worker or not but I suspect her mother, my great-grandmother was. I found a bottle of holy oil in my granny's chester drawers when I was a small kid and granny loved oil lamps. I was never allowed close to them so I couldn't tell you if she had fixed them or not. Granny passed in the early 80s. My grandmother definitely had the gift as the night before my granny died, my grandmother dreamed she went into her room and there were flowers covering everything, all of the walls, all over all the objects in the room. She believed it was an omen of my granny's death. She found he dead the next morning. My grandfather, husband of this last one who died, taught me about wart charming with potatoes and how to burn onion skins for luck. The only thing I remember my grandma that just passed taught me was that when it was raining when the sun was shining that it means the Devil was beating his wife. She also mentioned that some of our kin used to be water witches but she didn't go into detail. Now, this may all sound familiar to you but it's not hoodoo. My grandfather taught me that our family came from Virginia. So this would be closer to Appalachian folk magic or "granny magic". However, through experience I learned that there probably was much mixing with Ozark folk magic since a lot of my kin settled here in Oklahoma.

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