Saturday, March 4, 2017

Houston Gang Members Offered Human Sacrifice To Santa Muerte

Houston gang members kept a 14 year-old girl against her will, drugged her, and forced her to have sex. If that wasn't bad enough, they allegedly murdered an older teen going by the name of "Genesis" as a sacrifice to Santa Muerte in order to pacify her after the 14 year-old victim destroyed her shrine.

(Note: They don't actually say that this involves Santa Muerte, but rather say that it was a "Satanic Saint". However, it's clear that is who is being referenced here.)

Of course I would classify these men as witches/warlocks, the old school variety that make pacts with negative spirits and harm innocent people. On my other blog I've documented so many examples of these types of individuals that it just boggles my mind by how so many people in certain circles in the magical community are oblivious to their existence. They want to make it appear that all magical practitioners are always good and that the law of 3 will save the day. It's just no so! That's why so many valid folk magic traditions are at war with witches and have ways of defeating them and stopping their evil.

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