Sunday, March 26, 2017

My New Grimoire!

So last year it dawned on me that I was highly disorganized when it comes to recording my magical workings and remedies. I have a zillion spiral notebooks filled with writings. I have index cards and sticky notes with quick herbal lists and recipes for this and that, and I have about a million of saved Word documents on my computer. My desktop is literally crammed pack with them!

The solution I came up with is to compile all of my information down into one form, instead of relying on my memory or taking forever to find something that I wrote someplace and then subsequently forgot.

My first choice was to purchase a 3 ring binder at Zazzle. I chose the one at the below link:

When I received it in the mail I was completely dissatisfied. It was extremely ugly. I ended up accidentally leaving it in the sun for an hour and it turned a hideous shade of purple. So I threw it away. There are other styles you can buy on Zazzle but I don't recommend any of them. They are ugly and the pictures look way cooler than the actual product.

After this fiasco I decided that hand-writing all my info was traditional and therefore should be the better option. I purchased the following:

It is an Oberon Design leather journal. It comes with a hardbound blank journal. I absolutely love it! It also comes with a lined sheet that you place beneath the sheet that you are writing on as a guide for placement. It secures with a leather strip that is wound around the metal fob. This is the Celtic knot design. You can purchase your own leather journal from Oberon Design at the link below:

So I spent many a night copying my information into this. I ended up buying 3 additional blank journals because I would make a mistake or I didn't like the order of the material that I placed. The first mistake I made was to write in pencil and this ended up causing my writing to be smeared and faded. This got to me but what really ruined it for me was that I quickly realized that I had to write extra small in order to fit in all the information. So that's what I did. The results were handwriting so small that I needed a magnifying glass to read them. I realized this was not going to work. 

After some deep thinking I came to the realization that I'm a realist. This is 2017, at the time of my writing this blog entry, and that handwriting a personal grimoire is simply no longer practical. I realized that the easiest and simplest method would be to have my grimoire be completely digital. However, I am a hands-on person, loving tactical stimulation, as well as enjoying the visual and olfactory experience of holding, seeing, and smelling something in my hands. I realized that my personal grimoire had to have a physical representation as well. So I quickly deduced that my original instinct was correct. I needed a 3 ring binder. 

While at work I did a quick YouTube search of "3 ring binders book of shadows" (I hate that the term "book of shadows" is being used for all personal magic journals now) and found several YouTube videos of people making their own unique, and often ugly, versions. I was not satisfied with any of the methods presented. I thought surely there has to be a better option out there for me. As I was sitting there just staring at my monitor my thumb began moving without my conscious willing of it and I ended up tracing a clockwise circle on the monitor and then I made a cross over that. I mumbled the words, "3 ring binder that is right for me quickly and immediately come". I pulled up Google and typed in the phrase, "leather 3 ring binder".  I clicked on every single thing that pulled up on the first page but was not satisfied because they looked too professional, such as something like a portfolio. The very last site that appeared on the first page of results was for a business named Taylormade Leather. I clicked on the link. I was floored! This was exactly what I needed and wanted! I immediately ordered a custom leather 3 ring binder. The owner emailed me back within 30 minutes and asked me to call him directly to discuss the piece I wanted. I did so and placed my order. A week later I received this in the mail:

There was one small hiccup. I had told the owner that I wanted the corner accent pieces and the belt to be faux-alligator. He assured me that it wasn't a problem and had some on hand. When I received this in the mail I immediately realized that the corners and belt didn't look right. This is not alligator but snake. It's okay, but I do prefer the look of faux-alligator leather over faux-snake leather. 

I told the owner that I wanted something dark, but not a pure black as that can look rather flat. He suggested an antique look, which combines black and brown. I love it! 

In the center, above the belt, is an engraving of the Seal of Solomon. I had originally pictured it to be larger, covering more of the front of the binder. However, I had chosen the belt option for a closure and so I had to chose on whether or not the engraving was above or below the belt, rendering it smaller. I think I made the right choice. 

This is not a cover. So you don't have to place it over a plastic 3 ring binder. As you can tell from the picture it has multiple pockets, three on the right and one on the left, which I can store various notes, recipes, and spells that I have jotted down. It is also big enough that I can tuck in a legal notepad or spiral notebook, if needed. There is an option of including a "padfolio" but because I ordered the largest size of binder, 4 inches, it could not be included. However, if any readers want to order a smaller size of binder you can add this option. 

I can not tell you how many times I smelled my new grimoire the night I received it. I just love the smell of new leather. I love the smell so much that I purchased a bottle of leather fragrance oil and I dab a drop or two on it to maintain the smell. 

The main benefit of it, other than the coolness factor, is that it can hold approximately 800 sheets of paper, if not more! So hopefully I will be able to store all or most of my information in this awesome thing. I've also purchased parchment paper and sheet protectors from I can't wait to begin compiling all my spells and recipes! 

If you would like to order your own custom leather 3 ring binder then visit the site below. You can also order your own custom leather Bible cover! I think you will be just as pleased with the outcome as I was! 

P.S. The Oberon Design leather journal will not go to waste. I've decided to purchase a lined blank filler book and turn it into either my non-magical personal journal or use it to record my poetry. 

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