Thursday, March 16, 2017

O What A Tangled Web We Weave

So a bit of local drama has acted out near my home. Police were called out for a welfare check to a motel near my house. Inside a room they found a 17 year old male teen alone with Oklahoma Senator, Ralph Shortey.

Shortey has now been charged with 3 counts of prostitution. Although 16 is the legal age of consent in Oklahoma, it is against the law to offer money in exchange for sex, especially when the other person is a minor. On the teen's tablet, police found communication between Sen. Shortey and the teen where Sen. Shortey offered money in exchange for "sexual stuff". Included in the communication where messages about smoking marijuana and police noted there was a strong smell of marijuana in the room. Inside backpacks the police discovered condoms and a bottle of lotion.

Now, I'm not at all shocked by the age of the teen. Many straight people simply don't realize that it is extremely common for a male teen to hook up with an older man. They used to call older men who preferred male teens for sex as "chicken hawks", with the teen being the "chicken". The teens who engage in this behavior are not victims, unless they are younger than the age of consent which varies across states and in other countries. Usually 14-16 years of age is considered the age of consent in most places. I do believe that the age of consent should be raised to 18 simply because teens do stupid things they later regret. However, I would argue against the kind of standard politically correct stance that some may take, that of arguing that any teen is automatically a victim.

I'm not at all surprised that a married, Republican Senator was living a secret gay life. If the majority of people lie somewhere on the bisexual spectrum yet all straight men claim they are 100% straight, then surely some have got to be getting freaky on the down low. Factor into the equation hypocritical GOP leaders and you are pretty much guaranteed a scandal!  There used to be a time when a man being married was viewed as proof of 100% heterosexuality. Those days are long gone. Today one can easily hear conversations, such as:

Person 1 - "Is he gay?
Person 2 - "He's married w/ 2 kids"
Person 1 - "Yes, but is he gay?"

So the lesson to be learned in this specific case is that it's okay, legally, to have sex with a teen who is at least 16 years or older in Oklahoma, as long as you don't offer cash in exchange for the sex.

I also feel a tad bit of pity for Sen. Shortey. He must be really stupid if he thinks that he has to pay to have sex with a male. Promiscuity is quite rampant in LGBT community. There are people who will gladly give it away for free. So the only thing I can think of is if the teen was the aggressor, who was marketing his age as a selling point to older, married men online who have a fetish for that. (They met on Craigslist, so obviously the teen was either cruising for free sex with older men or looking for a daddy.)

What does piss me off about Sen. Shortey is that he helped subvert the will of the people of Oklahoma. We voted on state questions back in November that would reduce penalties for drug possession and divert money into rehab and treatment centers. He then went behind our backs to get it pretty much neutered. So, I for one, would not care if his entire career was destroyed over this. Serves him right.

Shortey also made news when back in 2012 he sponsored a bill to ban aborted fetuses from being used in food. It got national coverage. It was pointless because no company is making food with aborted fetuses and none ever would. Just another excuse to laugh at how backward Oklahoma is.

Note: Towards the end of this video Sen. Shortey says that anyone who does drugs in front of a minor should receive enhanced penalties. Just wanted to point out the irony as he was allegedly smoking weed with a minor who he was about to have sex with. LOL (Of course I think marijuana should be legal but I chuckled when he was busted over his own hypocrisy.)

FYI: I think I know who the boy is. A friend of mine and her son live near the area. He is an out of control kid that openly brags on social media about getting paid from older men for sex. He has even stated that one of his "daddies" was famous and powerful. It would not surprise me in the least to discover that he was the teen in this incident. His poor Mom is 100% clueless about his actions and nobody feels comfortable enough to tell her that not only is her son gay but he is also a big slutty prostitute. I'm not shy though and I'll ask him straight up next time I talk to him if this was him.

I do have one small message for Mr. Piece-of-Shit Hypocrite. I bet you were opposed to gay marriage and spent a good majority of your time dehumanizing gay people and likely engaged in much homophobic behavior. You voted for a bill that would give the right to business owners to refuse service to gay and trans people. Eat some humble pie and apologize. Do not pull a "I Found Jesus And Now I'm Cured!" crap when you finally get out of prison.

*******UPDATE: The FBI is now investigating Sen. Shortey and performed a search of his home and confiscated materials, including electronic devices. More than likely they are investigating to see if there are other instances of him engaging in sexual conduct with teens.

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