Sunday, March 5, 2017

Product Review - Multi Oro Oils

Brand: Multi Oro
Type: Oil
Name: Reversible, Love Me, Money Drawing, Come To Me, Domination
Package: Comes in a box, inside is a tall, square, four-sided, 1 oz glass bottle
Color: Varies
Label: Small, square, yellow label with name of oil on the bottom of the glass bottle, no imagery

I've always been curious about these oils. I think I first saw them in the 90s but never did buy any. When I saw that they were slowly disappearing I decided to buy some. I don't know if they are officially being discontinued but it can be hard locating a source for these. I think I found maybe 2 websites that still sell them, or at least still list them for sale. I really do love the bottles. I would love to find a source for the bottles alone to use for the oils I make. I don't mind the box they come it but if they aren't going to put a real label on the bottle then at least put better imagery on the box. As far as the actual oil goes, they are far stronger in fragrance than 7 Sisters of New Orleans oils or Indio oils. However, they are less fragrant than Anna Riva oils. So they are in the middle. They also are not as heavily dyed, which is a plus. The price is not bad at all and they appear to be heavily discounted to quickly sell. Wisdom Products still had a few listed the last time I checked, which was yesterday. The bottles are big enough for you to insert whatever herbs, roots, and other items you may wish. If you are interested in these oils better get them while you can.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give these a 9. I would definitely purchase them again, if possible.


  1. Those oils look quite interesting. The boxes add a nice detail.

    Doc Conjure, I'm interested in Lucky Hoodoo oils. Do you recommend their oils? I usually use yronwode's products.

    1. I've only used their Money Drawing oil, as a free bottle was sent to me by the owner. It was nice and smelled really strong. The thing about Lucky Hoodoo is that they don't stick to a traditional recipe. Instead, they alter their essential oils and ingredients based upon astrology. It's unique and a good selling point. However, it has it's drawbacks. For instance, if you really like a specific scent and then don't know about this fact and reorder it thinking you are going to get the same thing, you might be in for a disappointment.

  2. Hi, when you review these oils are you also earring them on a level of useing them in your workings with success? Or are you judging just by smell, looks, touch?

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  4. I really Love these oils... I have been using them for about 3 years Now. The spiritual Potency is strong. & the Smell lasts for days.

  5. Love these oils... They last for days, and are very Poentent.