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So these arrived the other day. I had to buy new ones as the one I used in my conjure work broke. I bought 3 and will likely buy more. Two of them are being used in protective charms. The other one is just for normal use.

Scissors are a good tool to have for your conjure work. Scissors symbolize cutting as well as separating and come in handy when you want to sever something, such as a relationship, or cut something off, such as in a clearance work (cut and clear), or uncrossing.

In my opinion, the best scissors to use in conjure work is steel ones, or at least all-metal. It used to be you could purchase metal scissors just about everywhere. Now all you can find is the cheap ones with plastic handles. I really dislike those.

Steel, being iron, has protective qualities. In European folklore and folk magic, iron is used to protect from fairies and demons. It was not uncommon for certain Europeans to hang iron implements in the windows in order to repel entry and visitation by negative supernatural entities. Below are a few good tricks that you can use with steel scissors.

Belief in hags can be found in just about every tradition of folk magic that has European influences. Scissors were believed to be able to repel hags and negative spirits. In the Ozark tradition, to protect yourself from a hag or witch while you sleep, open a pair of scissors and place them under your pillow. Your sleep will not be bothered. In Italian folk magic, which is not called "Stregheria" by the way, you put the open scissors under your mattress to ward off the witches. A simple trick from hoodoo that you can do is to open a bible to any page or else a meaningful passage, such as Psalm 91, and then place an open pair of scissors on top of this. Place the open bible with scissors on top under your bed and not only will the hag not be able to bother you but also this will cut and destroy any trick or spiritual attack made against you while you are sleeping.

Scissors have a very long history of use in folk magic. The witches of Salem, MA, (witches in the sense that they used folk magic and were accused of practicing witchcraft, or malevolent sorcery), used a sieve and a pair of scissors in a divination rite. The sieve would be balanced on the pair of scissors as you held them and then a chant, often calling upon saints, would be said. The use of scissors in divination is called coscinomancy. You can read more about this topic of scissors at the link below:

Interestingly, no one really knows how the sieve and scissors divination method was actually used. However, I think it was done by balancing the overturned-sieve on top of the tip of the scissors held in your hand. That's just me, though. I've never actually tried this method.

Additionally, scissors also are employed in healing work. You can secret an open pair of scissors near a sick person to cut short the illness. You can also do wicked stuff with scissors as well. Midwives would sometimes place a pair of scissors under where a woman was to give birth in order to cut lengthy labor times and pain. Here in Oklahoma, and way back in my childhood, I've heard said that if a child has really severe nosebleeds that a remedy is to put a pair of scissors on their back and this will stop the bleeding.

Because finding steel or all-metal scissors can be a difficult task, I would recommend purchasing scissors for conjure work online. You can purchase some really good quality ones at the link below.

I would also recommend that you keep a pair for regular use and a separate pair for conjure work, but that's just me. Old timers didn't separate things like many people do today, so they only had one pair of scissors, one broom, etc.

Since these scissors are steel they will eventually rust. To help avoid rusting just apply a very thin coat of mineral oil to them and wipe off with a rag or paper towel. These will last a lifetime and can be passed down a family.

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