Friday, March 10, 2017

"The Vampire Diaries" Series Finale

So tonight was the series finale of the CW's, "The Vampire Diaries". I had a love-hate relationship with this show. I watched the original pilot when it aired but thought it sucked. So I quit watching. Soon a witch show called "The Secret Circle" aired on the CW and I had very high hopes. I love witch shows and movies, or ones that feature them. I had very high hopes for the series but it ended up being cancelled after the first season. It was then that an online friend recommended that I watch the show. I told her that I thought it sucked but she assured me that if I stuck with it that by the second season I would be hooked. She then revealed to me that she was a hate-watcher, as in hated a certain character so freaking much that she watched the show regularly in hopes that the character would meet a grisly, painful end. I laughed at her explaining such and so gave it a go. She was right. I, too, became hooked and became a hate-watcher as well.

The character that I grew to despise with a passion was Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder. Sure, he was a vampire and as such required to take human life in order to maintain his existence. I'm fine with that. That's how the world operates, hunter vs. prey. However, what makes Damon stand out is that he is pure evil. He not only kills to eat but also just for the hell of it. He travels around in the show snapping human necks as if swatting a pesky housefly. Not only that, but the female lead was in love with him and seemingly could care less that her beau was a king among serial killers. Each episode I hoped and crossed my fingers that Damon would be inflicted with the most painful torture and pure agony as punishment for his crimes. That never came. I almost gave up on the series after it became painfully clear that the writers had no intention of giving Damon his just rewards. In fact, It actually came across as the writers being oblivious to his evil. It was at the point that I almost quit the show that I discovered the witches.

The witches in the Vampire Diaries featured strongly in the first few seasons. They are rather awesome. I considered them to be the most powerful supernatural beings in the show's universe. However, the writers appeared to remain clueless yet again and portrayed them as being slaves to the vampires.

The main witch family in the series is the Bennett Witches. The main female witch character on the show is named Bonnie, played by the gorgeous Katt Graham.

The witches are portrayed as being weaker and less interesting than the vampires, who the show is centered around. The witches are mortal and easily killed by the vampires. However, witches can defend themselves somewhat. One tactic they use against vampires is "pain infliction". To accomplish this they literally burst the blood vessels in the vampire's brain, causing aneurysms. Since vampires heal supernaturally fast, they must continue to burst the vessels over and over again. Properly done, it can bring a vampire to his knees in seconds. In the clip below, Damon tries to start shit with Bonnie's grandmother, Sheila.

Yet more examples of "pain infliction" in action:

The vampires tend to enslave witches or force them to work for them. In the show, Bonnie becomes friends with vampires and so we are led to believe she helps them out of friendship instead of being forced. Among the things she is made to do is to create the daylight rings, magical rings that allow vampires to walk around in daylight without burning up. (FYI: I know the jeweler that made the daylight rings for the show.)

There are both good and evil witches in the show. One of my favorite bad asses was Gloria. She was not featured as much as her character should have. You can catch her in action below.

Other interesting witches include the oldest witch, Quetsiyah, who created the first immortality spell and also a cure for it which features heavily in the show, the Travelers, which were a gypsy-like coven of witches, the Gemini coven, a very powerful coven who had an awesome story, Esther, the witch who created the first vampires, Siphons, mutant witches who can't perform any magic of their own power but who can siphon magic from regular witches and then use it to perform magic, as well as the Heretics, a bastard race of part-witch, part-vampire hybrids.

With regard to the Gemini Coven, they are ruled by a leader like most covens. The leader can be either male or female. However, how they chose a leader is quite remarkable. They get their name from the constellation. When it's time for a new leader a set of twins will be born, one male an one female. The twins will grow and when the time is right they will fight each other, attempting to absorb all of their sibling's power. The loser dies. The winner takes all the power and becomes the new coven leader. So there's a lot of drama surrounding that story line in later seasons.

The show is officially over with and at this point I would really like to see a spin-off involving just the witches. They could easily pull off a show called "Gemini", which focuses on the Gemini Coven, for example. For now I just have to make do with the official spin-off, The Originals, which returns next Friday. All I can say about the Originals is that the witches are even more bad ass than portrayed on the Vampire Dairies. In the Originals, Vampires, witches and werewolves all fight for control over New Orleans. It's pretty good.

You can check out The Vampire Diaries and the Originals on Netflix or other places online. I think you will like it.

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