Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lamp Tip - Floating Wicks

Got these at Hobby Lobby. They were on sale for $1.99. I've seen them online for about $12. It comes with three plastic floats (one removed from the package and is in use) and a great deal of wicks. Hell of a bargain!

If you conjure with lamps that you make yourself, compared to using an oil or kerosene lamp, then you will need some form of wick, either homemade or purchased, to use. You can purchase multiple types online or in stores in your area. Many of them come with relatively small floats that the wicks are inserted into. The problem with them is that since they float they can get very near the edge or rim of a glass container that is used to hold the oil. This may cause the spot to over-heat and crack. The kind above has large floats that act as a buffer, preventing the flaming wick from ever getting too close to the rim. They also come with a great deal of wicks and three floats.

There is only one drawback. Each individual wick really only lasts maybe a day, two at the most, and then you will need to extinguish the flame and replace the wick if you want to continue the burn. One way to get around this is to use a helper candle. When it's type to replace the wick then light the helper candle from the flame of the wick and then you can safely extinguish the wick. Replace with a new one and then use the flame from the helper candle to light the new wick. That way the flame is perpetuated for as long as you want to keep this up.

I do love lamps and I apologize as I really haven't touched on them enough. One reason is that I've toyed with writing my own book and wanted to save lamp stuff for it. So I'm debating what, if anything, I should reveal in my blog entries.


  1. If anything write the book first and if you don't publish it, publish it posthumously because you are a treasure chest and one of the last hopes of keeping this tradition authentic. -Andre

  2. Mmmm...conjure lamps - I find them to be very versatile.

    Quick question for you Doc: do you find oil lamps to be more effective compared with candles?