Monday, April 24, 2017

Lost My Dog A Few Days Ago

I came home to discover my black cocker spaniel dead. It was a shock. She was over 10 years old so she led a good life but it's still sad. She had been hacking up stuff but was eating and drinking normally. If I were to guess she died of something like pneumonia or bronchitis. I remember her as a puppy. She was the shyest thing I've ever seen. She hid behind the furniture for weeks until she warmed up to people. It took her forever to learn to climb up the stairs. Then she learned to climb up the stairs but couldn't figure out how to get back down so she would just sit there and cry for me to come get her and take her down. She used to wake me up each morning by licking my face and she demanded love 24/7. You would literally have to push her away because she would just demand you pet her non-stop. She was not a bright dog. I believe she had some form of disorder or disease. I joked around that she had doggie-down syndrome but she definitely had something. I still love her regardless and I know she's up in doggie heaven chasing birds and mice. R.I.P. Precious.