Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Adam And Eve Roots Have Arrived!

A few weeks ago I ordered and received two shipments of Adam and Eve roots, a.k.a. Putty roots, or Aplectrum hymale. You may or may not know, but Adam and Eve root is a type of orchid. I've heard over and over again throughout the years that it is endangered and that it should not be picked and definitely should not be sold. To my delight, I discovered that that is simply not the case at all. 

I'm relieved that Adam and Eve root can now be ordered online. You can buy a half a dozen or more roots for relatively cheap. I bought a couple of sets, one to plant and one to dry and use in my conjure work. I'm really nervous because I've read online that it is extremely difficult to grow these once transplanted and that they pretty much prefer to remain in the exact location where they originally grew. So it will be an experiment for me. I will let you know if they grow and are successful. 

So what this basically means is that now there is no reason why you need to buy fake crap from Indio, such as the one Balm of Gilead and one peanut-looking-thing that they sell as their version of "Adam and Eve root". You can just buy the real thing now and don't need to substitute at all. This also means that all kinds of "Adam and Eve" spiritual products can be made with the real root. So I've very excited! 

In the past, I've been asked which is the Adam and which is the Eve root, or which is the male and which is the female root. I never viewed it as such. I just assumed that the root gets it's name because it looks like two roots joined together, such as in the last picture above, so there would not be a separate male and female root. It would just be "Adam and Eve root" in the singular and not separated out like with lodestones. However, that's just my understanding and if I'm wrong then do correct me. 

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  1. The "peanut looking thing" that they sell with the Balm of Gilead is a lotus seed pod. Both plants mentioned are used in love works so it is a great substitute. While Adam and Eve root isn't endangered, its one that is being watched very closely. It is a hermaphroditic plant that produces via "corms" or what you have there, the "root". Each year it produces a new corm. So to have a true "adam and eve root" that is connected you must wait about 2 years. They can produce up to 4 corms, though unusual as each corm only persists for about 2 years. 3 is seen more often than 4 and is equated to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph or even the trinity, the Father Son and Holy spirit. As for which is which, if they are separated independent corms you can't tell, but if they are together the first is Adam, as God created Adam first, and then created Eve.
    Here is a photo for your reference of an Adam and Eve root with two corms.

    - RDrRevJames