Saturday, May 6, 2017


I don't give free readings. I don't give free "spot checks" for your issues. I don't give a free diagnosis to determine if you are crossed up or cursed or if someone is working on you as well as determining the identity of said person. I won't call you for free and will not even consider doing any free work for you if you situation is not an emergency. I won't do any of these things because my time is valuable and you are not entitled to any free shit. Please don't waste my time by emailing me with your sob stories as to why you think you are unique and deserve special treatment.

You can pay to get a reading if you want a reading.

You can pay to get a reading to determine if you are crossed up or cursed.

You can pay to get a reading to possibly determine the identity of the person who is working against you.

You can pay me to perform conjure work for your non-emergency situation.

You can pay me for conjure coaching to learn how to do things for yourself.

Unfortunately, my life has been extremely hectic for the past few months and I'm frankly sick of opening my email and seeing dozens of emails from people who claim to read my blog but who think that they are entitled to free stuff. For instance, I opened two emails today from people who typed something similar to "I need to speak to you immediately about my situation", followed with a phone number, as if I would just pick up the phone and call you and spend an hour or more talking to you for free.

I give free consultations by email only. A free consultation is not the same thing as a free reading. Just like if you got a free consultation with an attorney he or she would not bust out the tarot cards or crystal ball but instead would talk to you about your case. Well, that's what a consultation is, discussing your case/situation.

I also got an email today from a woman who felt like she was entitled for me to give her a free reading to determine if she was cursed as well as tell her who did it. When I responded to her that I don't give free readings she responded rudely back as if it was a crime to ask to be compensated for your time and gifts. If people only knew what bull shit workers have to put up with. LOL

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  1. You're right. If you can't afford to hire a worker, you should at least try to do the work yourself. You give great suggestions on your site. I've noticed in many situations where workers mention doing cleansings
    I'd start there first and see what happens. 9x's out of 10, you'll see some type of improvement.