Sunday, June 4, 2017

Quick Money Spell

I received the following in a little gift bag I got from the New Year's celebration at a local occult shop. I had put the gift bag in a drawer and forgot about it and found it last night while cleaning. Inside the gift bag was a small plastic baggie filled with some type of green herb. It appears to be mint. Attached was a small piece of paper with the following spell.  The spell seems to be a bit more Wiccan in nature but it's interesting.


During the waxing moon write your wish on a piece of paper. Place the herbs in the center and wrap it up in a bundle in a manner so that the herbs will not spill out. Tie this up with string making 9 knots. Chant the following:

Money shine and money flow
Money come and money grow
Money come right now to me
As I will it, so mote it be!

Take the bundle and burn it in a fireproof container and let burn completely. Scatter the ashes to the wind within 24 hours while repeating this chant. 

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