Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Stan's Reading

This is Stan (fake name for anonymity). Stan got a reading with me a while back and he recently emailed me to tell me that I was right on several things. This is what he has to say about his experience.

From: xxxx
To: DocConjure <>
Subject: Review of Previous Reading

My name is <<<>>>. I received a reading from Doc last October and, to be honest, at first I was not confused. It was the first reading I ever had and everything he predicted for the future seemed so far-fetched. Oddly enough, looking back a year later I'm emailing Doc back for another reading because what he ended up saying pretty much all came true. He told me my mother would become sick, and unfortunately she did have a health scare. He told me I would probably move out of the country in the next year, which when he said I thought for sure was wrong. Well, fast forward a year and I'm living overseas. The whole thing didn't seem to be like it would come true, but so many of the predictions that we discussed actually did. I would highly recommend getting a reading with Doc. At first, you may be confused (and maybe that's how it always goes with psychics, I don't know)...but in my case, in time a lot panned out. Very pleased. 

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