Monday, September 4, 2017

Eddy's Love Work Experience

Eddie (fake name for anonymity), hired me for love work. He experienced some great movement nearly right off the bat and this is what he has to say about it.

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Subject: The Work Isn't Even Done Yet...


My mind is BLOWN and the work isn't even completed yet. Now I told you how bad things were with this girl that it was to the point she had literally blocked me off of everywhere & then unblocked me. So, that was 9 days ago. I woke up today and something kept telling me I should reach out to her but I said no let me wait until the work is done. That was my plan. Then, I'm going through my day and I just kept getting this odd nagging sense to reach out. I said what the hell and sent a very non-invasive text actually a picture of something I came across that she had given to me(a piece of Serbian currency she gave me on our first date) just saying "Look at what I found in my old wallet".

I expected no response. She saw the message and didn't reply. Doc, I don't know what you're working over there but I love it. About 40 minutes later I get a reply on my phone "Woww. Now you suprised me honestly. I didn't think when I look at this picture I remember everything abaut this day."

Next thing you know she wants to know how I've been and telling me all about her weekend and all of this. This is from someone who wouldn't so much as speak to me a mere week ago. THEN, she says "When you get back I want to go for coffee. I'm inviting you."

Doc, this never happened before I'm truly stunned. Sorry for the long message but I had to let you know this. God is good!

Feel free to put this on your blog if you'd like.

Stunned just stunned.

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