Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Well, it appears my struggle is far from over. For some unknown reason a group of hackers has chosen me as their latest victim and I have lost laptops, cell phones, have been locked out of all of my email addresses, and struggle on a day to day basis of having to continuously change my passwords to try to keep at least a few steps ahead. Regarding my phone, I've had my calls and voicemails routed to somewhere else. I've also been aware that people who are not me nor who are associated with me in any way are writing things about me or writing and publishing things online while claiming to be me. I can assure you that if you come across something that appears to be very different from my normal tone of writing then it likely is not made by me. Please keep on the lookout for such and let me know. I've even had an ex-boss targeted for stalking. He received multiple calls and texts a day from someone claiming to be me or to work on my behalf. I tried to text him in October but he went off on me and told me never to communicate with him again as he viewed it as stalking. So I wasn't even able to explain the situation to him. Only select texts I send go through.

Please be patient with me as I get through all this. If you do notice unusual activity online then send me an email to let me know. I am still taking on clients. However, it may take me a bit longer to reply to emails.

Thank You and God Bless,