Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Back From The Land Of Nod

"Not All Those That Wander Are Lost."
-J.R.R. Tolkien

Wow. Don't have long to blog today but I finally got back into my blog and other stuff recently. For all of my readers who don't know what was going on, about a year ago in June 2017 I began to get hacked. It was small, stupid stuff at first. Like I would just get locked out of one email account or something. Then all of a sudden it hit full on and I was suddenly locked out of everything. I could not access any email account I had, any blog, PayPal, my own bank website, etc. Then I had my cell phone hacked and finally locked up so I can't even get into it at all. Recently, I got notification from my bank concerning some strange withdrawal attempts. I was told to go to my branch location where they recommended I order a new debit card. So guess what? Almost the exact same time someone put a change of address in form at the post office and so my new debit card went to a place in a nearby city. It was returned back opened and my bank was trying to get me to accept it as such but I refused. I'm pretty sure this person(s) had already copied the number and/or cloned the card so I pretty much demanded a new one be sent and this time they recommend it be sent directly to my branch.

Among the strangest aspects of this experience were the phone problems. I had my cell phone hacked along with my other Internet sites. It was a strange hacking per say. I began receiving pictures I had not taken with my phone. Some of them were pornographic in nature. Some of the were of people I knew. However, I'm pretty sure they were faked. I also began having what sounded like female or sometimes robotic female voices come on the phone while talking to someone else on the phone. The other person would not hear the voices, only me, but they would complain of just hearing a loud static type noise that lasted for a few seconds and which almost made them want to hang up. When I stopped receiving texts I just assumed people were busy. Then I started getting complaints from people that I'm not responding to any texts they sent. I check my settings and it appears that someone is blocking them or redirecting them elsewhere. I assume they were doing the same with my calls as I got almost none after a while. Eventually I turned on my phone one morning to find that it was completely locked out (iPhone) and could not undo it. So that's where I'm stuck now, trying to get back in because there is literally no way to retrieve any date on a iPhone that's locked up. I've been told over and over again that I can wipe it clean and return it to factory settings but I'll lose everything.

Unfortunately, it wasn't just the hacking that stressed me out this past year. I lost my day job, my parents divorced and my mom moved out of state clear up north, had  two dogs die, became an insomniac, and because of the stress, probably gained about 50 lbs back from what I had recently lost.

There's a lot to this past year that I simply can not share with people, experiences that were too personal, to painful, and some of which were otherworldly, in a sort of technological-poltergeist sense.  In the end I'm left flabbergasted as to what truly happened to me as well as why me in the first place? As a result I am tempted to write a book about my experiences, which I have learned, may actually date back to my childhood. I'll just leave it at that.

I'm still taking on paying clients and providing readings for those who are interested. Now, I currently am only able to check my emails once or twice a day, so please be patient as I'm not able to reply immediately as I have done before.

So if you could, keep me in your prayers that my life returns back to normal and soon. I have so much blogging to do!

God Bless,



  1. Doc, you were on my mind all this week. I didn't know why. So, I just prayed. Glad to see this post--truly. Just know, there is someone on the south side of Chicago praying for you. Take care. (Bonnie)

  2. Doc,

    Thank goodness you're alright, this hiatus hoopla had passed. I believed this "technological poltergeist" could signified some meaning of wandering souls/spirits attracting towards you?? Or is it some intranquil spirit sent against you?? I could be wrong Doc. You're in my protection prayers Doc. Stay safe and blessings.